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Sell Side Platform (also called sell side optimizers, inventory aggregators, and yield optimizers) – Sell Side Platforms provide outsourced media selling and ad network management services for publishers. Sell-side platform and ad networks business models and practices are similar. Sell-side platforms are typically differentiated from ad networks in not providing services for advertisers. Demand Side Platforms and Ad Networks often buy from Sell Side Platforms.
A '''sell side platform (SSP)''', also called '''sell side optimizer''', '''inventory aggregator''', and '''yield optimizer''' is a technology platform that provides [[wikipedia:outsource|outsource]]d media selling and [[ad network]] management services for [[publisher]]s. A '''sell side platform''' business model resembles that of an ad network in that it aggregates [[ad inventory|ad impression inventory]].  However, a '''sell side platform''' serves publishers exclusively, and does not provide services for [[advertiser]]s.  
The inventory managed by the '''SSP''' is usually purchased by aggregate buyers, either [[demand side platform|demand side platforms (DSPs)]] or ad networks.

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