Quality Assurance Guidelines

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The Quality Assurance Guidelines (QAG) constitute an industry backed brand safety and transparency compliance program created by the IAB. QAG provide a set of disclosures a seller can make to a buyer with regards to the characteristics of the their inventory. For current information on QAG, please visit the overview page on IAB.net.

History of QAG

QAG was originally developed by the Networks and Exchanges committee as a means to differentiate quality inventory for buyers. Subsequent iterations of QAG expand its usefulness such that it may be used by direct sellers of media such as premium publishers, (vs. indirect sellers such as networks).

Future of QAG

Ultimately, QAG represents a framework for certification into which a variety of criteria can be slotted for use by members. For example, in the future one will be able to certify via the QAG that ones traffic is free of non-intentional traffic.