Widget and Social Media Application Metrics

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The following metrics apply specifically to widgets and social media applications. These supplementary metrics offer advertisers a greater insight into ROI for all widget and social media application campaigns.

• Installs - Applications

           Total installations of application

• Active Users

           Total users interacting with application over a specific time frame, usually day/week/month. 
           Many applications have rapid growth but lose activity over time

• Audience Profile

          User demographics from self reported profile information

• Unique User Reach

          Percentage of users who have installed application among the total social media audience 
          (or calculated as active application users per audience) 

• Growth

          Average number of users within a specific time frame

• Influence

          Average number of friends among users who have installed application

• Application/Widget installs - User

          Number of application or widgets installed by a user onto their profile page or other area. Also called 
          embed, grab or post. 

• Active users/Widgets in the wild

          Number of people regularly using an application at a given point in time
          Number of widgets on a user page at a given point in time

• Longevity/Lifecycle

          Average period of time for which an application or widget remains installed by a user