IAB Statement Supporting US SAFE WEB Act

August 1, 2012

We applaud Senators Pryor and Ayotte for continuing their commitment to innovative and secure e-commerce by introducing legislation to reauthorize the U.S. SAFE WEB Act.  The IAB believes the U.S. SAFE WEB Act has proven an effective tool, and maintaining the FTC's authority to combat cross-border spam, spyware and fraud is vitally important to the flourishing Internet economy, and provides consumers with the necessary security to take part in trustworthy transactions and online engagement.  IAB member companies account for more than $300 billion of economic activity in the United States, and continued e-commerce growth remains the key path toward sustained job creation and U.S. economic strength.  The U.S. SAFE WEB Act provides the right regulatory framework to accomplish just that."

Michael Zaneis
Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Interactive Advertising Bureau