Trustworthy Accountability Group

Without trust between marketers, publishers, consumers, and the multitude of parties in between, the growth of our industry—and by extension all of the monumental innovations our industry supports—is indefinitely debilitated. We need an industry-wide behavior change at an unprecedented scale.

IAB is uniquely positioned to lead this charge. Our members have driven the advancements that created this complex supply chain and can propel the progress that will lift us out of this morass. Only with the help and dedication of the entire advertising community will we be able to instill confidence in consumers, security in content creators, and better understanding in marketers.

4 core areas of work are:
Identify bot-generated, non-human traffic and remove it from the supply chain. Set up principles, operational and technical in nature, that help guide sellers of inventory in the identification and filtering of fraudulent activity.
Decrease the proliferation of malware to create a safer, more enjoyable experience for consumers.
Prevent advertising revenue from flowing to criminals who steal copyrighted material and place it on “pirate” sites. IAB and many of its members have already made strides toward this imperative through the Inventory Quality Guidelines.
Build openness, understanding and trust. Sellers must continue to grow the transparency provisions contained within the Inventory Quality Guidelines.


  • Create Accountability
  • Eliminate fraud
  • Combat malware
  • Fight piracy
  • Promote transparency

These five discrete objectives compose a roadmap toward a more trustworthy digital supply chain, one that will increase the entire industry’s value and worth. Most of our efforts are directed at fighting criminal activity, and it’s impossible to stamp out all crime. But we can implement successful programs that make it difficult for the criminals to be successful. That’s what we are doing today and we need your help to achieve our goals.

Spotlight on Current Issues


Spotlight on Current Issues