Social Data Demystification & Best Practice

The sheer volume of data coupled with a lack of standardized metrics means that marketers and publishers are asked to plan and execute real-time campaigns without an industry-wide baseline. Moreover, publishers and marketers are not speaking the same language. Indeed, despite the benefits that social media data offers to marketers and publishers, emerging solutions and platforms have introduced numerous new challenges in social media marketing as well as data extraction and use. This document will inform social media practitioners, publishers and marketers who are incorporating social data into their paid, owned and earned media plans. Readers will gain a basic understanding of industry-wide best practices in these areas, including an overview of social data-driven campaign best practices and a glossary of social data terminology. Previous documents published by the IAB regarding Social Media Best Practices and Metrics have explored social advertising’s role in paid media objectives and the broader realm of social media functionality.  

In the present paper, we aim to dig deeper into social media marketing, sharply defining social data and applying basic best practices in conceptualizing and interpreting value for earned media as part of a holistic approach in utilizing the social media channel.