Social Media Buyer’s Guide

Social Media is an increasingly important marketing tool. A survey of 133 CMO’’s found that nearly two-thirds plan to increase social media budgets in 2010. With those figures continuing to rise, the IAB Social Media Committee has created this resource to guide marketers and agencies through the social media buying process.

The IAB Social Media Buyer’’s Guide is a valuable resource regardless of your prior experience with social media, however, those who have some familiarity with interactive advertising will benefit most.

The Guide addresses key elements that should be considered during the social media planning and purchase process. After reading this Guide, you will have a better understanding of social media and will be able to answer the following questions:


  • What steps are involved in planning a social marketing effort?
  • Why should I plan for ongoing efforts, even for a short-term social media campaign?


  • What social media platforms are available?
  • Which platform(s) is best for achieving my objectives?


  • What are the production considerations for a social program?


  • What are the common pricing models for social media?
  • What are the pros and cons of each?

Success Metrics

  • What metrics should I use to evaluate the success of my social media effort?
  • What are the available sources of data on which these metrics are built?