Showrooming: Empowering Consumer Electronics Shoppers

The synergy between the consumer shopping behavior of showrooming and Internet product research, as well as digital advertising and online purchasing, is becoming increasingly pronounced and interdependent – and consumer electronics brands can benefit by adjusting their marketing strategies. “Showrooming: Empowering Consumer Electronics Shoppers,” focuses on consumer electronics and explores the influence of mobile devices on the retail shopping process, general shopping behaviors in physical stores and online, and the broader showrooming concept.

The research, conducted by Ipsos MediaCT in partnership with IAB, complements last year’s IAB report “The Path to Consumer Electronics Purchases,” which showed that digital media is a vital influence on consumer electronics shoppers.

This study reveals the prominence and importance of mobile device usage by shoppers in the consumer electronics showrooming experience. The most significant finding in the mobile component of the research was that while 42 percent of in-store mobile device using shoppers ultimately made their purchase online, a full 30 percent made their purchase in the store.

Interestingly, those who used their mobile phones while shopping were also more likely to make an unplanned purchase (32% in-store vs. 22% online).

Other mobile-related findings:

  • 42 percent of those who used a mobile device while in-store spent over $1000
  • Among mobile device owners who didn’t use their device in-store, only 21 percent spent over $1000
  • 65 percent of shoppers who use their mobile device in-store said it made them more likely to buy the product