Screens to the nth

“Screens to the nth,” developed in partnership with Ipsos MediaCT leverages a combination of sources including HearWatchSay, an online research community of 5000 media-savvy individuals. The study explores different types of simultaneous viewing and the key drivers of those behaviors, showing that multitasking is a popular activity while consumers are watching live TV, with 63 percent of respondents reporting that they used a connected device for at least a few minutes the last time they watched live TV. Fifteen percent used more than one device. The survey showed comparable usage figures for DVR watching respondents (66%), though these consumers were much more likely to be using more than one connected device (23%) in comparison to live TV viewers.

The study also takes a deep dive into the drivers behind the growth in multitasking, revealing that both device proliferation and program content spur media-savvy consumers to search, discuss, share and discover digitally. Across all online activities—such as discussions with friends, social networking, or viewing blogs—smartphones were the multitasking device of choice when interacting about a TV show:

  • Smartphone (45%)
  • Tablet (30%)
  • Computer (21%)