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Latina Power Shift October, 2013

This report, produced by Nielsen using demographic and behavioral data gathered from various sources, demonstrates the rising prominence of Latinas as head of households, key decision makers and primary wage earners among US families. 


Android Speaks Spanish, But Brands Don’t Speak Android January, 2013

Hispanic agencies need to figure out how to create great brand experiences on Android.  If they can, it opens up opportunities well beyond U.S. Spanish speakers.


The African-American Consumer: 2013 Report January, 2013
Nielsen & National Newspaper Publishers Association

With a current buying power of $1 trillion that is forecasted to reach $1.3 trillion dollars by the year 2017, the importance of connecting with African-American consumers is more important than ever.

Importantly, these consumers are distinct from other consumer groups, and understanding this group is critical to making lasting connections


Measuring Cultural Orientation Among Hispanic Generational Segments Study January, 2013

Use generational marketing to understand the diversity among Hispanics and to drive marketing effectiveness. Implication:
–Understanding Hispanic generational differences and product usage can help define targeting priorities for product and service marketers.
–Understanding Cultural Orientation and media usage among target category users by generational segments and cross-culturally may allow marketers to increase conversions and deepen engagement with their most promising Hispanic niche


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