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2008 Year-in-Review DoubleClick Benchmarks Report June, 2009

Marketers and agencies are often faced with questions such as “How do I objectively know if my display ad campaigns are doing well?” and “Are there credible industry benchmarks out there?” Similarly, publishers look for industry-standard performance metrics to demonstrate the value of their advertising programs to their partners.

In response to these challenges, DoubleClick is publishing the DoubleClick Benchmarks Report, a free report on industry benchmarks that helps marketers, agencies, and publishers evaluate the performance of online display advertising campaigns in the U.S., relative to industry norms.


Luxury Lovers and Online May, 2009

A recent study conducted by London-based Essential Research explores the role of digital advertising in marketing luxury brands. Covering the US, UK, France and Japan, the study exposes a global appetite for luxury goods across Asia and Europe.


The State of Digital Display May, 2009
Kathryn Koegel with data collaboration from comScore Dynamic Logic, Microsoft/Atlas, and Nielsen Online

A thorough overview of the state of online display advertising, covering spending, display formats, industry verticals, success metrics, and the state of creative.


2009 Online Advertising Market Report April, 2009
Rubicon Project

Despite the less-than-optimistic predictions for growth in online advertising this year, the trends we’ve observed both in the news and in our own proprietary data reflect a healthy display ad market – one that’s still thriving in part due to the scale, targeting and automation that only ad networks and exchanges can provide.


Unlocking the B2B Web Analytics “Black Box” March, 2009

Based on a study of over 27,000 B2B web sites, this report demonstrates why 93% of these companies are at risk of “optimizing” their online marketing campaigns into worse, rather than better, performance. Learn about the B2B web analytics “black box”, why different web analytics programs offer very different views of online marketing ROI and how to track B2B online marketing conversions both accurately and effectively.


The Long Road to Conversion: The Digital Purchase Funnel February, 2009
Microsoft Advertising

...Knowing when and where consumers are exposed to advertising is invaluable to any media plan attempting to leverage each consumer’s place in the funnel.


Young Adults and Brands Online October, 2008

The internet represents a tremendous opportunity for brands looking to engage with young adults, Synovate’s groundbreaking Young Adults Revealed study shows. However, to succeed in engaging with this generation, marketers will have to abandon several of their preconceptions about youth audiences.


Allstate and Search Display Content Ads September, 2008

The challenge was to determine what effect cross-channel branding would have. Allstate teamed with Microsoft Advertising to compare various combinations of search, display, and content ads to learn what would best drive brand metrics.

Microsoft Advertising also conducted 3 additional studies to understand the effects of running a search or display advertising campaign with other online channels. Read more of the Power of 3 case studies.


AdMob Mobile Metrics Report August, 2008

Admob serves ads for more than 5000 mobile web sites. This monthly report offers a snapshot of the data in our network to provide insight into trends in the mobile economy.


Understanding the Digital Savvy Consumer May, 2008
Scarborough Research

An analysis of the country’s most high-tech consumers: where they live, who they are, what they buy and what they watch/listen to/read.


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