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Women on the Web: How Women are Shaping the Internet June, 2010

From advertisers to publishers and from content producers to agencies, nearly everyone can benefit from understanding Web usage patterns through a gender-specific lens. This global report provides an in-depth analysis of the female Internet user, highlighting key trends by Internet activity, worldwide region and digital channel.


U.S. Online Newspaper CPMs Nearly 3 Times Higher than Average May, 2010

The Internet has become an essential channel in the way the majority of Americans consume news content today with nearly 3 out of 5 Internet users reading newspapers online each month.


Understanding the Value of a Social Media Impression April, 2010

Facebook and Nielsen have conducted six months of research consisting of surveys of over 800,000 Facebook users and more than 125 individual Facebook advertising campaigns from 70 brand advertisers. As a result of this research, Nielsen and Facebook have uncovered new findings that hold important implications for advertisers.


comScore 2009 Digital U.S. Year in Review February, 2010

2009 represented a critical year in the relatively brief history of digital media; a year that was marred by the overhang of a global economic recession that had a particularly negative impact on the U.S. advertising and e-commerce markets. But it was also a year in which digital consumer activity soared, new innovations grabbed hold in the marketplace and businesses got more serious about navigating the digital landscape.


Social Media Best Practices: Question & Answer Forums December, 2009

Ever participated in, or considered participating in, online Q&A forums such as LinkedIn Answers, Yahoo! Answers or Answers to build brand awareness, engage with prospects and/or generate leads? This free social media best practices report combines insights from over 1,100 Q&A forum users and over 800 companies participating in online Q&A with strategic best practice advice to help your company make the most of this emerging social media opportunity.


Engaging Small Business Decision Makers Through Social Media December, 2009

How Small Business Decision Makers Utilize Social Media as a Resource for Business Information, with Implications for Improving Marketing to Small Business.


2009 B2B Social Media Benchmarking Study November, 2009

An essential reference for business-to-business (B2B) marketers, this free report provides the benchmarking statistics necessary to determine whether social media channels offer a significant opportunity to reach and engage with your target business audience. Report is based on insights from nearly 2,500 people utilizing social media and social networking web sites to find business-relevant information as well as over 500 B2B companies currently managing social media initiatives to build brand awareness, engage prospects, drive site traffic and generate leads.


2009 Business Social Media Benchmarking Study November, 2009

General Summary Report Based on Insights into Business Social Media Usage Provided by Nearly 3,000 North American Business Professionals


The State of Digital Display II October, 2009
Kathryn Koegel with data collaboration from Compete, comScore Dynamic Logic, InsightExpress, Microsoft/Atlas, Nielsen Online, and the IAB

The State of Digital Display II is a follow up to a paper published in May 2009 that argued that digital display advertising was misunderstood by industry analysts and reporters who inaccurately predicted its imminent demise. Using available data on trends in spend by category and information on new measurement techniques, the paper provided insights into an ad format in transition.

This follow-up paper takes another look at spend, formats, effectiveness metrics and industry trends to help marketers, agency executives and publishers make the most efficient usage of what is now a well-established advertising form.

The author is an independent media researcher and consultant who has held prominent marketing positions in the three leading media (print, TV and online).


Nielsen'sThree Screen Report October, 2009

Nielsen’s fourth quarter Three Screen Report – a regular analysis from Nielsen’s Anytime Anywhere Media Measurement™ initiative, which analyzes video and related consumer behavior – reveals that Americans continue to view video at a record pace.


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