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Retail shoppers: purchase paths and the media that influences them December, 2010
Microsoft Advertising

A just released Microsoft Advertising study—in partnership with Carat—looked at how shopper behavior has changed, specifically how shoppers approach purchase decisions and the media that influences these purchases.


Moms in the multi-screen world December, 2010
comScore & ValueClick

Microsoft Advertising recently conducted a study on the media usage, attitudes and expectations of “Multi-screen Moms.” Some key findings: Moms are leaders in screen convergence, extending media activities across multiple screens, especially mobile media. Moms are more receptive to marketing messages on every screen compared to other audiences. Moms highly value consistent, connected cross-screen media experiences.


Women and moms online: research on the new decision makers November, 2010
Microsoft Advertising

The results provide self-reported insights into a representative group of women on Microsoft Advertising properties. Microsoft Advertising created five consumer profiles that better explain the attitude and behavior unique to the Microsoft Advertising female audience.


Cross-Platform Optimization: Getting to a Smarter Mix November, 2010

In today’s media landscape, content is consumed across multiple media, often simultaneously. To most effectively reach your target audience, media buying and planning must evolve to keep up with these changing consumer dynamics. Recognizing the challenge that planners and brands face when optimizing media allocations across multiple platforms, Yahoo! and Nielsen partnered on a new methodology to identify a “Smarter Mix” of media spending across platforms.


When Money Moves to Digital, Where Should It Go? September, 2010
comScore & ValueClick

Online display advertising continues to increase as a percentage of the overall marketing mix, and according to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC) Special Report, Global Entertainment and Media Outlook, the Internet will be the second-largest advertising medium by 2014. As quickly as advertising dollars are moving online, so is the availability of new media-placement strategies.


Connectonomics July, 2010

Yahoo!’s Connectonomics study introduces a new way to think about marketing by exploring the universal needs of women, how different online channels deliver on those needs, and how marketers can message to women more effectively based on what we know about how each channel meets their specific needs.


Women on the Web: How Women are Shaping the Internet June, 2010

From advertisers to publishers and from content producers to agencies, nearly everyone can benefit from understanding Web usage patterns through a gender-specific lens. This global report provides an in-depth analysis of the female Internet user, highlighting key trends by Internet activity, worldwide region and digital channel.


U.S. Online Newspaper CPMs Nearly 3 Times Higher than Average May, 2010

The Internet has become an essential channel in the way the majority of Americans consume news content today with nearly 3 out of 5 Internet users reading newspapers online each month.


Understanding the Value of a Social Media Impression April, 2010

Facebook and Nielsen have conducted six months of research consisting of surveys of over 800,000 Facebook users and more than 125 individual Facebook advertising campaigns from 70 brand advertisers. As a result of this research, Nielsen and Facebook have uncovered new findings that hold important implications for advertisers.


comScore 2009 Digital U.S. Year in Review February, 2010

2009 represented a critical year in the relatively brief history of digital media; a year that was marred by the overhang of a global economic recession that had a particularly negative impact on the U.S. advertising and e-commerce markets. But it was also a year in which digital consumer activity soared, new innovations grabbed hold in the marketplace and businesses got more serious about navigating the digital landscape.


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