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Spotify Brand Impact Story January, 2015

The Brand Impact Study was administered by comScore—a global leader in measuring the digital world and a preferred source for digital business analytics—and commissioned by Spotify for Brands—the platform that unlocks audience intelligence to connect brands with the streaming generation—to quantify the impact that music listening has on brands.


Internet Radio Advertising Impact Study April, 2012
Park Associates White Paper developed for TargetSpot

The IAB views this new TargetSpot study in the spirit of furthering understanding of cross-media advertising impact.This paper presents evidence for the power of Internet Radio advertising to increase the effectiveness of both digital (Internet) and Broadcast Radio ads. The IAB hopes these findings encourage marketers to think holistically about their advertising campaigns, and explore and take advantage of the synergistic benefits of well conceived and executed cross-media advertising campaigns, including digital audio.


The Role of Digital Audio in the Evolution of Music Discovery December, 2011

The internet and a wide variety of fast-growing digital audio services are catalysts for individuals to both seek and discover new music on their own as well as to share their tastes with friends…and even strangers. Playlists have replaced mixed tapes, serving almost the same purpose—expressing our sentiments, and defining our individual musical style. The internet has widened the path for individuals to explore new sources of musical enjoyment and made it easy for others to be a part of that discovery process.


Digital Audio Usage Trends: A Highly Engaged Listenership April, 2011
Park Associates White Paper developed for TargetSpot

The IAB believes these findings will help marketers, agencies, and media companies alike get a better handle on digital audio usage patterns, and we hope that this work inspires others to take a closer look at this dynamic and fast-growing sector of the interactive landscape.


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