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Androids Speak Spanish But Brands Dont Speak Android
Why Are fewer branded apps optimized for spanish speakers given great brand and agency interest in the Hispanic market? Read this report by Flurry to find out more.

Brand Marketers Guide to In-Image Advertising
This white paper by GumGum provides brands and the agency community with a basic overview of in-image advertising and how it can be used to reach their objectives.

Q2 2013 FreeWheel Video Monetization Report
In the second quarter of 2013, data showed growing evidence of the shift from linear TV / living room viewing to anytime, anywhere, any device viewing.

A Look Across Screens
In the spectrum of evolving media, nothing is growing faster than the adoption of portable devices or the consumption of content on these devices.

Brand Building on Mobile Devices
Fiksu's research organization, Fiksu Performance Labs, recently conducted some analysis to help marketers understand the impact that mobile app
advertising can have compared to more traditional channels.

Leveraging Trade Associations for B2B Marketing
This report highlights the many ways that B2B marketers can benefit from joining trade organizations such as the IAB. 

Visible Measures Q1 Branded Video Report
The report details viewer activity around branded content in Q1 2013. All campaigns in the report are measured on a True Reach™ basis, which combines the performance of brand-driven and audience-driven video clips across the web. All views are user-initiated, where a real person needs to press the “play” button to watch an ad. 

FreeWheel Video Monetization Report: Q1 2013
The FreeWheel Video Monetization Report is released quarterly and seeks to highlight the changing dynamics of how enterprise-class content owners and distributors are monetizing professional digital video content. Read more here.

Chango Retargeting Barometer
Retargeting is growing up. That’s the unmistakable takeaway of this year’s survey of more than 50 marketers and agencies. Find out how what they really think about retargeting, what are their budget allocations and their outlook on Site, Search and also FBX retargeting.

RTB Powers The Rapid Growth Of Online Video
In January 2013, SpotXchange commissioned Forrester Consulting to size the online video RTB market between 2012 and 2014. Forrester found that RTB continues to grow rapidly as a percentage of the overall video market and as the definition of RTB continues to evolve from a bidding platform to a programmatic tool for buying based on multiple attributes.

IT Purchasing Goes Social
This report explores the dramatic impact social networks have on the B2B IT purchase process and provides and best practices to make it work for your marketing needs.

In-app ads: How to get 20% engagement and 2000% higher click-through
MediaBrix, the app ad company, ran a survey to discover what people like and don’t like about advertising in apps: Facebook apps as well as mobile apps.

MediaMind Global Benchmarks Report
Check out MediaMind’s Global Benchmarks Report to see how your country measures up.

RKG Digital Marketing Report
RKG report drills down from high level overall performance metrics to the results for the brand and non-brand segments for each engine. They also spotlight the latest trends in mobile and included a number of other data points you’re unlikely to find anywhere else in one report.

The Direct and Indirect Value Affiliate Delivers to Marketers
This Forrester study, commissioned by Rakuten LinkShare, explores how affiliate marketing sites are meeting the needs of today's savvy online shoppers.

Maximizing Brand Engagement Time with Interactive Pre-­ÔÇÉrolls
Jivox was the first company to provide BrandGage, a set of analytics that allows a detailed view into interactions as well as insight into user intent and purchase funnel stage.

 comScore: Changing How the World Sees Digital Advertising
Across the globe, digital media has become an important component of every advertiser’s marketing mix. Just as we’ve seen tremendous growth in terms of the volume of digital advertising, the landscape itself has also experienced a massive evolution. Read about these challenges in comScore's Charter Study.

Nielsen: U.S. Digital Consumer Report
Consumers have more choices than ever for accessing their digital content. As more devices become increasingly connected, the ability to access the same pictures, videos or music files across multiple devices has become a valuable feature.

 BuzzMedia: Mobile Millennials
BUZZMEDIA Labs partnered with Research Now to explore the digital habits of U.S. young adult consumers (aged 18-­24) who currently own a Smart Phone or Tablet.

MediaMind: The Rich and the Powerful
Rich media ads boost advertiser site visits nearly three-fold compared to standard banners. A newly released MediaMind analysis looks at how rich media and standard banners affect site visits.

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*NEW* Programmatic Everywhere? Data, Technology and the Future of Audience Engagement
IAB and Winterberry Group Whitepaper

This whitepaper, “Programmatic Everywhere? Data, Technology and the Future of Audience Engagement,” published in partnership by IAB and Winterberry Group,  will present a snapshot of how industry constituents are practicing “programmatic” today. Read more here.

*NEW* IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report: First Half 2013

Internet ad revenues surged to a landmark $20.1 billion, according to the IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report. This represents an 18 percent increase over last year’s first-half ad revenues of $17 billion. Read more here.

*NEW* Marketer Perspectives on Mobile Advertising- IAB and Ovum Study

The findings presented in this study provide a unique insight into mobile advertising from a buyer perspective, and the results are both positive and challenging. Read more here.

*NEW* Mobile's Role in a Consumer's Media Day in the United States and China: The Smartphone as an Extension of the Self and Extension Into the World

Groundbreaking study from IAB & The Interactive Internet Advertising Committee of China provides critical insights for american brands seeking to do business in the People’s Republic. Read more here.

IAB Digital Content NewFronts Survey Results

One in three buy-side attendees of the 2013 Digital Content NewFronts say the internet ad industry marketplace positively impacted their plans for digital video advertising buys, with 78 percent stating that they walked away from the weeklong series of powerhouse presentations with at least one new opportunity for their company or a client. Read more here.

IAB June Digital Usage Trend Report

This report shows general usage of the internet and digital video as measured by ComScore and Nielsen, along with rankers and yearly trends for top 50 sites, ad networks, video sites and video ads by different measures and demos.  These reports give a good overview of the usage of IAB members’ sites along with each property’s monthly growth or decline. Read the full report here.

IAB Summer Skincare Digital Report

With health and beauty brands seeking to reach a target audience of regular skincare and suntan lotion buyers, the IAB has released research that shows that this coveted group is much more inclined to engage in online and mobile activities than the average adult, and they are also more prone to regularly view digital video programming. Read more here.

IAB Global Mobile Advertising Revenue Report

The IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, IAB Europe and IHS revealed that global figures for mobile advertising revenue leaped a massive 82.8 percent to $8.9 billion (€6.9 billion) in 2012 from $5.3 billion (€3.8 billion) in 2011 – highlighting a strong positive growth story taking place across mobile advertising formats. Read here

IAB Mobile Manifesto

IAB has created a unique, comprehensive view of today’s mobile creative best practices. Read here

Mobile Rising Stars Ad Interaction & Effectiveness Study

Mobile advertising has doubled in one year to reach $3.4B in 2012. However, marketers are still learning how to use the medium most effectively. Vibrant Media in collaboration with the IAB commissioned comScore to undertake research to examine the effectiveness of the new IAB Mobile Rising Stars creative ad units. Read more here

Taking Cues from the Customer: "Omnichannel" and the Drive for Audience Engagement

IAB and Winterberry Group Whitepaper

With the rise of new technologies and cross-screen marketing, the advertising arena is beginning to embrace omnichannel strategy. This white paper reveals for the first time a comprehensive look at the origins and likely evolution of omnichannel customer engagement strategies, while also identifying capabilities that marketers and publishers need to possess in order to capitalize on its promise. Read more here.

IAB April Digital Usage Trend Report

This report shows general usage of the internet and digital video as measured by ComScore and Nielsen, along with rankers and yearly trends for top 50 sites, ad networks, video sites and video ads by different measures and demos. These reports give a good overview of the usage of IAB members’ sites along with each property’s monthly growth or decline.  Read the full report here.

45 Million Reasons and Counting to Check Out the NewFronts

This study was conducted in partnership with GfK and surveyed over 2400 people. The results clearly demonstrate that original professional online video programming is hitting strong benchmarks when compared to traditional television. Read more here. Read the summary here.

IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report for Full-Year 2012

IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report for Full-Year 2012 Internet ad revenue climbed to a milestone high of $36.6 Billion, according to figures released by the IAB and PwC. That represents a 15 percent increase over 2011’s full-year number. Read the 2012 Full-Year Internet Advertising Revenues press release and report here.

Mobile and Money

This new study, conducted in partnership with InMobi and Viggle, looks at how mobile users are leveraging smartphones and tablets to manage their personal finances. Findings show that a great number of consumers are tapping into their mobile devices for money management, although some are worried about security issues – real or imagined – that financial services marketers need to better address. Read more here.

Showrooming: Empowering Consumer Electronics Shoppers

The synergy between the consumer shopping behavior of showrooming and Internet product research, as well as digital advertising and online purchasing, is becoming increasingly pronounced and interdependent — and consumer electronics brands can benefit by adjusting their marketing strategies. Read more here.

Big Data and Microtargeted Political Ads in Election 2012: The Challenge Ahead

This study provides political industry expert analyses of microtargeting’s role in the 2012 race — including insights form Nate Silver of The New York Times’ renown FiveThirtyEight.com blog and author of the bestselling “The Signal and the Noise” — and an in-depth discussion of the growing impact of the microtargeting online space. Read more here.

A Comprehensive Picture of Digital Video and TV Advertising

The study benchmarked how real TV schedules across key advertiser verticals perform as money moved to digital. To accomplish this, the research examined 18 real TV schedules across advertiser verticals. Categories included Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), specifically Health & Beauty and Food & Beverage, as well as non-CPG verticals such as Technology, Automotive, Retail, Finance and Telecom. Read more here.

Ordering Food Goes Mobile, According to Super Bowl Snacks Research from IAB and Viggle

With Super Bowl Sunday fast approaching, along with game day snacking on wings, nachos and more, IAB and its Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, in partnership with Viggle released “Mealtime Goes Mobile: Mobile Screens’ Impact on Ordering Takeout and Delivery,” exclusive research looking at mobile’s impact on ordering food. Read more here.

IAB Interactive Advertising Outlook 2013 for JP Morgan’s Virtual Ad Summit

This presentation to JP Morgan’s Virtual Ad Summit illustrates the evolution, recent growth and projected future growth of digital, video and mobile usage and ad revenue.  The report was prepared by the IAB using IAB Ad Revenue Reports, Trend Reports and other IAB Research sources as well as a variety of outside research sources for projections. Download here.

IAB Digital Ad Engagement: An Industry Overview and Reconceptualization

The IAB, in collaboration with Radar Research, released the “Digital Ad Engagement: An Industry Overview and Reconceptualization,” a report that addresses a longstanding challenge faced by advertisers, publishers, agencies, marketers and a variety of other interactive industry participants for whom ad “engagement” is an essential device in digital advertising – yet one which lacks a precise and universal definition. The importance of establishing a much-needed framework for defining and rethinking ad engagement vernacular and metrics is the focus of this whitepaper.

IAB and Winterberry Group Whitepaper—Data Management Platform: Foundation for Right-Time Customer Engagement

This whitepaper—produced in partnership with the Interactive Advertising Bureau—will explore the mission and likely evolution of DMP technology, as well as the broad landscape of users and third-party developers that have propelled its growth. Based on an intensive, focused primary research effort, it will identify a series of six use cases that may be supported by DMPs, and describe another half-dozen major dynamics that we expect will define the evolution of such solutions over the next 12 to 18 months. Read more here.

IAB Ad Effectiveness Resource Center

The IAB Ad Effectiveness Resource Center was created by popular demand by the IAB Research Council and publishers with the express intent of sharing knowledge and tools with publishers, agencies and vendors.  The purpose of the IAB Ad Effectiveness Study section is to improve the quality and streamline the implementation of Ad Effectiveness Studies across the digital advertising ecosystem. Read more here.

Political Advertising Goes Digital

On November 6 2012 there will be not one, but two winners in America’s 57th presidential election. (Yes, 43 presidents, but 57 elections). Digital political advertising is expected to experience its biggest share in spending to date, with some studies predicting that the Presidential race and major House and Senate races to be devoting almost 12% of their spending to digital efforts. Read more here.

Social Media Ecosystem Report

The social ecosystem continues to grow and evolve at a speed that creates increasing risks, challenges and opportunities for market participants. As a result, the social landscape represents a complex investment thesis for all – from entrepreneurs to brands and agencies, from acquisitive corporations to VC’s and private equity, not to mention investment bankers or, for that matter, the mass users of social themselves. Read the full Social Media Ecosystem Report by IAB and JEGI here.

IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report for First Half 2012

IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report for First Half 2012 Internet ad revenue soared to $17 Billion, according to figures released by the IAB and PwC. That represents a 14 percent increase over 2011’s half-year number. Read the 2012 Half Year Internet Advertising Revenues press release and report here.

“IAB Hispanic Consumers and Digital Media” - New IAB Research

A custom IAB analysis of BIGinsight data shows tremendous opportunity for marketers to reach U.S. Hispanics through digital channels. Confidence in the economy, optimism about the future and life-stage events drive above-average digital and mobile media usage among Latino consumers. Read more here.

Election 2012: Two New IAB Studies

As the 2012 election cycle approaches its peak of activity across all campaign levels and as the market for election advertising is estimated to top $10 billion, the IAB released timely findings from the “Elections 2012 and Political Ad Spend Survey,” conducted in collaboration with Campaigns & Elections Magazine. In tandem, the IAB Data Council unveiled an in-depth whitepaper entitled “Election 2012: Big Data Delivers on Campaign Promise,” which demonstrates that highly effective microtargeting—made possible through the use of Big Data—plays an increasingly vital role within the sphere of digital politics. Read more here.

Mobile and the Movies

The IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence and InMobi released “Mobile and the Movies”, a study of how moviegoers interact with their mobile screens in order to better enjoy the big screen. Read more here.

Economic Value of the Advertising Supported Internet Ecosystem — New IAB Study

Between 2007 and 2011, a period when U.S. civilian employment was essentially flat, the number of jobs that rely on the U.S. ad-supported internet doubled to 5.1 million, according to “Economic Value of the Advertising-Supported Internet Ecosystem,” a study commissioned by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). The ad-supported digital industry directly employs 2 million Americans, and indirectly employs a further 3.1 million in other sectors. Calculating against those figures, the interactive marketing industry contributed $530 billion to the U.S. economy last year, also close to double 2007 figures that placed it at $300 billion. These are the key findings that analyze the economic  importance, as well as the social benefits, of the Internet. Read more here.

Consumer Travel & The Media — A New IAB Analysis

Nearly a quarter (23%) of Americans are planning vacation travel in the next six months, making the category the top “big ticket” item they plan to purchase in the period, according to a new IAB analysis, entitled “Consumer Travel & The Media.” Falling directly behind travel in spending intentions are computers (16%), furniture (14%) and a new car (11%). The findings also reveal that these soon-to-be travelers are heavier media users than the general population, pointing to advertising opportunities – particularly within digital – for airline, hotel, and cruise marketers. Read more here.

Moms Go Back-To-School with Mobile, IAB and Meredith’s Parents Network New Research

With mothers across the country helping their children readjust to life in the classroom, the IAB and Meredith’s Parents Network announced exclusive new findings from their “Moms Go Back-To-School with Mobile” survey of moms with school-age children. The results point to the opportunity for marketers to leverage mobile wisely and reach this coveted audience by helping moms navigate this chaotic time of year. Read more here.

IAB Digital Usage Trend Report, September 2012

The report shows general usage of the internet and digital video as measured by ComScore and Nielsen, along with rankers for top 50 sites, ad networks and video sites by different measures and demos. These reports give a good overview of the popularity of IAB members’ sites along with each property’s monthly growth or decline.
The report is available to IAB members only as part of the Interactive Insider.

IAB Rising Stars Ad Interaction Research

Users’ interactions and reactions were monitored (mouse interactions, eye tracking and facial expressions) as they were exposed to either a Rising Stars ad or a standard ad (same ad, same content page), and then followed by a survey. Read the Phase 1 results here. Phase 2 results here.

2012 Olympic Games Go Mobile: United Kingdom vs. United States
A Report Prepared by the IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, IAB UK, and Mojiva

With the Games of the XXX Olympiad underway in London, consumers around the world are avidly following this major event though a variety of media and devices. The US IAB’s Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, IAB UK, and Mojiva partnered to shed some light on how mobile fits into this picture.  We conducted a brief survey of American and British mobile consumers reached by Mojiva’s ad network regarding their plans for the mobile summer Olympics. The results paint a picture of two countries that are similar in terms of mobile adoption and usage, but different in terms of Olympic interests and priorities. Read the report here.

Mobile’s Role in a Consumer’s Media Day

Although we regularly talk about “mobile data” and “mobile media” and “the mobile internet,” it is vital to remember that the mobile audience is not monolithic. What device a person using, when they are using it, and where they happen to be all matter critically to their content preferences, usage patterns, and openness to advertising messages.” Read the full report here.

BizRate Insights: Online Consumer Pulse
1 in 4 Online Buyers Like Behavioral Retargeting Ads

The goal of behavioral retargeting is to recapture potential customers’ attentions and encourage them to complete their purchase on an item or category of items they recently viewed, but how do consumers feel about online advertisements and retargeting- is it liked or frowned upon? Bizrate Insights asks in a recent online consumer pulse. Download the full report here.

Screens to the nth

“Screens to the nth,” developed in partnership with Ipsos MediaCT leverages a combination of sources including HearWatchSay, an online research community of 5000 media-savvy individuals. The study explores different types of simultaneous viewing and the key drivers of those behaviors, showing that multitasking is a popular activity while consumers are watching live TV, with 63 percent of respondents reporting that they used a connected device for at least a few minutes the last time they watched live TV. Fifteen percent used more than one device. Read more here.

The Multiscreen Marketer

“The Multiscreen Marketer,” a study commissioned from Econsultancy by the IAB iTV Committee and IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence further explored both the challenges and the opportunities that marketers, agencies, and publishers face in an increasingly complex multidevice, multiplatform consumer environment. Read more here.

Global Mobile Advertising Market Valued at $5.3 Billion (€3.8 Billion) in 2011

The IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence in the U.S., IAB Europe and IHS Screen Digest have joined forces to size the mobile advertising market at global and regional levels. This is the first such initiative by digital advertising trade bodies. Underneath the global figure of $5.3 billion (€3.8 billion) for 2011 are regional shares of: Europe 25.9%; North America 31.4%; Latin America 3.5%; Asia-Pacific 35.9%; Middle East & Africa 3.2%. Read more here.

Cutting Through the Hype: How Industry Buzz Translates into Real World Consumer Activity

Tablets, connected TVs, OLED TVs, and ultrabooks all have gotten hype. What does this mean for advertising? This exciting research was conducted using HearWatchSay, an online community of approximately 5,000 media-forward consumers, developed in partnership by IAB and Ipsos. Read the exclusive findings on how the digital advertising landscape will change with the emergence of new devices.

PulsePoint: Bridging the Digital Divide

Global digital technology company PulsePoint fielded a study in partnership with The CMO Club and Digiday, that examined the digital marketing, capabilities, top challenges and priorities of 400 senior marketers, agency executives, and publishers. The landmark report revealed a glaring divide between consumers and the current digital marketing practices used to engage them. Read more »

IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report for Full Year 2011

Internet ad revenue soared to a landmark high of $31 billion in 2011, according to figures released by the IAB and PwC. That milestone represents a 22 percent increase over 2010’s full-year number, which itself had been a record-breaker at $26 billion. Read the 2011 Full Year Internet Advertising Revenues press release.

IAB Global Mobile Anthology: Worldwide Perspectives on Mobile Media

One clear conclusion from this global mobile overview is just how diverse the mobile landscape is from country to country. In terms of consumer adoption, device/OS market share, and local IAB priority, mobile varies widely from country to country. Read more »

Millennial Media’s Mobile Madness Report

Millennial Media partnered with the IAB to commission Harris Interactive to conduct an in-depth survey of over 2,000 U.S. adults about how they engaged with mobile devices during the 2012 NCAA Tournament. A snapshot of these findings, combined with Millennial Media’s platform data, is released in this Special Edition S.M.A.R.T.™ Report.

IAB Rising Stars Ad Interaction Research

Users’ interactions and reactions were monitored (mouse interactions, eye tracking and facial expressions) as they were exposed to either a Rising Stars ad or a standard ad (same ad, same content page), and then followed by a survey. Read the results here.

The Path to Consumer Electronics Purchases

Examining consumers who said that they preferred to buy consumer electronics in “Discount Stores,” “Speciality Stores” or on the “Internet,” revealed that all three groups are influenced by a variety of media, over-indexing against the U.S. average on internet advertising and social media across the board. In fact, among the mass media, internet advertising is second only to televsion networks in influence, surpassing magazines, newspapers, direct mail and radio. The reported influence of internet advertising significantly over-indexes the U.S. population among those who shop in “Specialty Stores” and on the “Internet.”
Download the deck (.pdf, 311 KB)

IAB 2011 Year End Internet Audience Trend Report

The IAB 2011 Year End Internet Audience Trend Report gives a broad overview of the digital landscape and outlines internet usage trends using ComScore and Nielsen metrics. Rankers include top properties, top ad networks and top categories coupled with year over year change of each property within the top 10. Also included are top online video properties and video ad networks. A brief overview is given of top online properties by key demographics with year over year change. Finally, the top digital advertisers of 2011 are listed.
The report is available to IAB members only as part of the Interactive Insider.

Microsoft: New Ad Formats.. The Science Bit

The IAB’s Rising Stars formats were selected for their potential to drive brand equity at scale. But marketers and planners want to know how they compare to the current ‘go-to’ standard formats for branding at scale such as the MPU. Why? Because nowadays it is all about ROI not risk. The new formats are more expensive to buy, so the market needs evidence to justify that price premium and discover their true value in brand storytelling.
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IAB Mobile Sports Savvy Index has Patriots Fans Edging Out Giants Fans

The benefits of mobile internet access are beginning to be felt increasingly broadly, both in consumers’ daily routines, and in special occasions—holidays, traditions, and events. Among those mobile-impacted events, of course, is the Super Bowl. According to Nielsen, Super Bowls rank as five of the top six most viewed US telecasts of all time, and it seems likely that 2012’s game will maintain that tradition. This report examines how the rise of mobile interactivity is impacting this particular American tradition. Although for most of its existence the Super Bowl has been a one-screen phenomenon (namely, the big one in the living room), the data show that for increasing numbers of US consumers, it’s much more likely to be a two-screen event.
Read more »

From Information to Audiences: The Emerging Marketing Data Use Cases

The world’s Twitter feeds, iPads and libraries may not stand a chance against this onslaught of information. But to the world’s marketers, the proliferation of data has given rise to what may prove to be the most substantial commercial opportunity since the emergence of the World Wide Web: the ability to better understand consumers, seamlessly match “right-time” offers to their needs and optimize the management of profitable, long-term customer relationships.
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Mobile Shoppers: Ubiquitous Data Spawns Savvier Consumers

Mobile internet connectivity changes everything. How we stay in touch with friends and family; how we inform and entertain ourselves; and how we navigate our ways through our daily lives all are transformed when armed with a wirelessly connected smartphone or tablet. This briefing examines the mobile shopping audience today, along with the distribution of mobile-savvy shoppers across major US cities.
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JWT: An Exploration of Channels

Communications channels have proliferated exponentially, and consumers have unprecedented control over them. Advertisers, media owners and agencies have leapt in, trying to figure
out this new landscape even as it's morphing, maturing, evolving and innovating. Which all makes for a messy new world … one that's generally not being leveraged and utilized quite as well as it could be. Through this project, JWT hopes to add some clarity to the conversation. Read more »

360i Report on Hispanic Digital Influencers

360i collected and analyzed the activity of 150 Hispanic digital influencers to understand the role these individuals play in leading conversations among their constituents. This analysis can help marketers better tailor their Digital Word of Mouth campaigns to motivate these influencers. Read more »

A Day in the Life of Digital Video Ads

While most video ad campaigns are designed to raise awareness and persuade customers, clicks remain a key metric for many advertisers. Whether the goal is getting people to share a link on Twitter, driving people to have a deeper conversation on a brand’s Facebook fan page or getting viewers to take an action like filling out a product review or actually buying a product online, a large contingent of advertisers use clicks as a barometer of specific campaign goals, especially where survey and other metrics can fall short. The question then arises for these marketers: you might have reached the right viewer, but did you reach them at the best time to drive these clicks? Read more »

State of Mobile Measurement

Mobile Measurement today is challenged by serious methodological and technological limitations. The growth in mobile ad spend and consumer usage requires sound measurement and reliable methodologies to understand audience behavior and ad effectiveness.
Read more »

Affluent Consumers in a Digital World

In order to explore how affluent America views and uses digital media the IAB partnered with Ipsos Mendelsohn, an independent research firm that is the preeminent source for knowledge about affluent lifestyles, media use and product usage.
Read more »

Marketer Perceptions of Mobile Advertising

Ovum has conducted a ground breaking survey among marketers at 300 US companies to provide a unique insight into mobile advertising from a buyer perspective. The survey was conducted on behalf of the IAB’s Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence with the aim of helping its members and the wider industry to understand better how mobile advertising and marketing is perceived by the budget holders for these products and services.
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IAB Best Practices for Conducting Online Ad Effectiveness Research

Online ad effectiveness research is an important tool for marketers seeking to understand how their campaigns perform. However, it is challenged by serious methodological limitations. Questions around recruitment, sample bias and deployment are hampering the validity of this research and undermining the industry as a whole. The growth in online advertising spend requires sound measurement and reliable methodologies to prove effectiveness.
Read more »

An Inside Look at Demand Side Perceptions of Digital Video Advertising

Examine the views of marketers and agencies about digital video advertising. The study shows that a shift in ad dollar allotment is starting to take place as advertisers are beginning to recognize the value. Read More »

Consumers Driving the Digital Uptake: The Economic Value of Online Advertising-based Services for Consumers

New McKinsey & Company study, commissioned by IAB Europe demonstrates value of free Internet services - Read More »

Building Brands Online

The IAB and Bain & Company release In search of a premium alternative: an action plan for online brand advertising,the final result of the Building Brands Online research and analysis.

Stay up to date with the latest data in interactive advertising: Featuring research and analysis from PricewaterhouseCoopers, Bain, Booz & Company and more.

Learn how to execute interactive campaigns with the latest resources for the IAB and its partners. Featuring platform specific tools on social media, mobile, digital video, games and more.

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