State of Mobile Measurement

Reliable, consistent mobile measurement standards are key to attracting greater marketing investment in the platform. In particular, all media depend critically upon reliable metrics for audience reach—the “size of the prize” to attract and retain advertising spending. However, mobile measurement today is challenged by serious methodological and technological limitations. The growth in mobile advertising spend and consumer usage requires sound measurement and reliable methodologies to understand audience behavior and ad effectiveness.

By examining the drivers and inhibitors of better measurement in more detail, the complexity of the mobile ecosystem, and, finally, the need for cross-media measurement, the IAB hopes to inspire industry dialogue. This document is not meant to be prescriptive nor definitive, but rather a look at the landscape for mobile measurement today and the industry’s future needs.

Additionally, while the industry faces significant barriers to stable measurement standards, mobile platforms also present unique opportunities for marketers and content companies. Consumer mobile usage is capable of generating an incredible amount of intelligence around behavior and engagement with content, advertising, and real-world locations. The IAB hopes this paper sparks further industry discussion to improve overall knowledge of mobile measurement and debate over future standards.