November 2010 Internet Audience Trend Report
These reports—available exclusively to IAB members—highlight useful and interesting aspects of online audience measurement data. We review key elements of the online audience data, discuss major trends, examine key demographic or behavioral segments, and examine the impact of real-world events on online audiences.

This report presents a snapshot of the impact of comScore’s Unified (e.g., hybrid server/panel) methodology, based on Internet audience data for October 2010.

Key Findings:

• As of October 2010, over half of the comScore top-100 web properties were partially or fully tagged for unified measurement.

• On average, a comScore top-100 web property that goes partially or fully unified experiences a 43% increase in unique visitor (UV)counts relative to the panel-only metric.

• Only two web properties in comScore’s top 100 experienced UV declines under unified measurement relative to what they would have seen via panel-only.

• Sixteen percent of the firms on the comScore top-50 unified properties would not be there if they weren’t tagged for unified measurement; they displace eight properties from the top 50 panel-only ranker.


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