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May 8, 2008
The IAB Issues Revised Ad Unit and Rich Media Creative Guidelines for Public Comment

The IAB announced the release of a set of Revised Ad Unit and Rich Media Creative Guidelines. These revised guidelines will help to eliminate points of friction in the online ad buying process while fostering continued innovation in the interactive advertising industry. The proposed guidelines will:

  • Cover standard Web applications including e-mail, static and dynamic Web pages and address ad formats such as banners and buttons as well as transitional and various over-the-page units such as floating ads, page take-overs and tear-backs.
  • Redefine rich media so that ads must be interactive aside from the ability to click-through in order to be categorized as rich media.
  • Offer clear guidance on file weights and animation lengths for both rich and non-rich media online ads.

"Marketers understand that in the new digital ecosystem, the consumer expects an enhanced level of interaction and engagement with both content and advertising," said Randall Rothenberg, President and CEO of the IAB. "By defining certain ad formats and offering creative guidance for execution, we are paving the way for even greater adoption by marketers and ongoing innovation by agencies and publishers—that’s exciting for the industry and consumers."

"The IAB Rich Media and Ad Unit Guidelines are vital to developing consistency within our industry, as well as fostering relationships between publishers and clients in regards to creative submission and creative acceptance," said Shell Saras, Creative Services Manager, weather.com. "As an industry, if we focus on adhering to initiatives like these guidelines, marketers and clients will have a creative specification resource that is consistently accepted by major participating publishers."

Members of the industry (advertising agencies, advertisers, online publishers and technology vendors) are encouraged to read the proposed guidelines and submit comments on the IAB site.

After the 30-day comment period, the feedback will be reviewed and the guidelines will be finalized and publicly released.