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April 29, 2008
Upcoming IAB Initiatives Focused on Industry Growth

Multiple players across interactive advertising need to collaborate, even as they compete, in order for the ecosystem to thrive. The IAB works with publishers, marketers, agencies, technology providers and other industry associations to help keep the digital ecosystem on its growth trajectory. With a singular focus on supporting the interactive industry’s vitality, IAB committees, work groups and councils are led by the IAB Industry Services Team as they undertake a wide range of initiatives—among the most important: work to define, evaluate and improve processes; formulate and enact interactive advertising standards and guidelines; develop overviews of emerging interactive advertising tactics; and guide growth-oriented research initiatives.

A full slate of work is planned in the coming months to advance efficiency and accountability and help the marketplace flourish. It includes:

Revised Ad Unit Guidelines
Status: Scheduled to be released for public comment on May 7, final in early June.
Summary: The IAB Ad Sizes Working Group developed both file weight and animation length recommendations (Revised Ad Unit Guidelines) for standardized ad units animated through minimal flash or flat graphics techniques, while keeping the Rich Media Creative Guidelines applicable to those “over-the-page” and “in-page” video units.

Revised Rich Media Guidelines
Status: Scheduled to be released for public comment on May 7, final in early June.
Summary: With the advent of new and improved advertising technologies, rich media has molded into a popular format for reaching and engaging consumers because it allows users to interact with creative assets. The revised Rich Media Creative Guidelines will redefine rich media so that ads must be interactive beyond the click in order to be categorized as such. The recommendations on flash specifics, file sizes and animation lengths during interaction will ensure agencies have guidance when developing creative, and publishers won’t face CPU usage issues that can lead to poor site performance.

Campaign Setup Best Practices
Status: Scheduled to be released on May 20.
Summary: This document will outline recommendations for both publishers and agencies and reduce issues arising during the campaign set-up phase. Research into the sources of discrepancies has shown that correcting campaign set-up errors will significantly reduce inefficiencies throughout the campaign’s delivery and during the reconciliation process.

Interactive E-Business Solutions
Status: Expected release for public comment in early June, final document in early July.
Summary: Developed by the IAB Ad Operations Council, the E-Business initiative automates the transfer of Requests For Proposals, Proposals, and Insertion Orders via XML. In addition to immediate operational efficiencies, this initiative can eliminate double entry, therefore reducing communication errors between publishers and agencies. The release will include XML schemas for RFP, Proposal, and Invoices and functional requirements assisting trading partners as they communicate with each other via the e-business schemas.

Digital Video: XML Schema
Status: Expected release for public comment in June, final document expected in July.
Summary: As the digital video landscape explodes, the need for a standard communication protocol between video players and servers is essential. The Digital Video Committee has developed an XML standard for requesting and distributing video content and ads.

Also in development:
Click Measurement Guidelines
Audience Measurement
Process Addendum for Ad Measurement Guidelines
Revenue Cycle Best Practices
Digital Video Core Metrics
Email Data Management Best Practices
In-Game Ad Measurement