Cross Media Optimization Study

The objective of Marketing Evolution's XMOS analysis is to help marketers and their agencies answer the question "What is the optimal mix of advertising vehicles across different media, in terms of frequency, reach and budget allocation, for a given campaign to achieve its marketing goals?" Using methodology designed by the research firm Marketing Evolution and supported by the Advertising Research Foundation and recognized for international research excellence by the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR), the XMOS study simultaneously measures online and offline advertising in the same campaign to determine the optimal mix and weight of each medium.
The XMOS Study has been described as groundbreaking. Here's why:

  • The XMOS results answer the “Wanamaker dilemma” and precisely point to the contributions of each media in the marketing mix.

  • For the first time, advertising effectiveness can be quantified across multiple media – currently television, magazine, radio and online.

  • The XMOS Methodology was nominated by ESOMAR for the prestigious John & Mary Goodyear Award which recognizes major contributions to excellence and best practice in international research.

  • The advertising sector is responsible for $250B in spending; it is estimated that the XMOS will reallocate 10-20% of this spending.

  • Results analysis includes what share of marketing budget will best optimize results of the measured campaign.

  • Results are actionable and XMOS research indicates that online advertising improves the performance of the overall media mix. For instance, Dove found that increasing the level of interactive advertising to 15% would have resulted in an increase in overall branding metrics of 8%. 

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