2012 IAB Long Tail Alliance Fly-In: A Meeting on Capitol Hill
2011 IAB Long Tail Alliance Fly-In: A meeting on Capitol Hill


On June 4-5, IAB brought together 44 small publishers from 18 states to visit Capitol Hill for the IAB Fourth Annual Long Tail Alliance ‘Fly-In’. View the full agenda here.

Members of the IAB Long Tail Alliance joined IAB in the nation’s capital to meet with members of the U.S. Congress and their staffs to give legislators and policymakers a better, fuller understanding of the challenges and concerns facing online entrepreneurs and the negative impact that legislation and regulations may have on their livelihoods and businesses. Since most of these smaller digital companies are dependent on advertising revenue, the policies that impact digital advertising have a direct link to their livelihoods.
By convening members of IAB’s Long Tail Alliance, the IAB can show policymakers the real difference that these small businesses are making in the field.



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