New Study Shows Original Digital Video Preferred to News, Sports & Daytime TV
IAB Study produced by GFK

Americans are increasingly embracing original digital video, according to the “2014 Original Digital Video Study”, which finds that viewers of original digital programming prefer that type of content to news, sports and daytime programming on television, and like it almost as much as they do primetime TV. The research, produced by GfK as an update to last year’s landmark original digital video study with IAB, also reveals that over one in five (22%) American adults watch original digital video each month, bringing the audience to 52 million per month. This represents a 15 percent increase from 45 million per month as reported in 2013.

Main Objectives of the Research:

  • Size the market for original, professional online video (Original Digital Video) content relative to use of TV/Movie or Amateur video content
  • Compare viewing to GfK MultiMedia MentorTM syndicated cross-platform measure
  • Explore the audience experience of Original Digital Video and determine if it is as good or better than TV viewing experience
  • Via focus groups, understand the “Why” behind viewing behaviors - how their experience of online video differs from TV, how it is similar, and how it fits into new viewing behaviors consumers are adopting


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