TAG Quality Assurance Guidelines - Report Violation

The current marketplace can be complex and confusing. Over 1 million websites carry advertising, with hundreds of technology vendors. In addition, web page content can change constantly and dynamically. The TAG Quality Assurance Guidelines (QAG) clarify this marketplace by standardizing the information sellers provide to advertisers, enhancing buyer control over the placement and context of advertising, and building brand safety.

Who is submitting the complaint?
This may also include consultants and ad verification companies that have been hired by the buyer.
Please note: Only a company that is party to a QAG-certified transaction may submit a complaint against the other party of the transaction regarding any non-compliance experienced. If you are a rights holder wishing to make a complaint about intellectual property infringement please submit your complaint to [email protected]. TAG will then direct this complaint to the relevant contact at each QAG participating company.