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2012 MIXX Conference: Press Coverage
October 3, 2012

Industry Announcements at MIXX

Yahoo | AOL Launches Project Devil 2; Continues to Innovate in Premium Branded Display
Microsoft | Microsoft Advertising Unveils New Windows 8 Ads in Apps Concepts with Agency Partners at Advertising Week 2012
Facebook | Facebook Studio: Making Digital Brand Campaigns Better

News Coverage of Industry Announcements

AOL Project Devil 2
The Financial | AOL Launches Project Devil 2

TechCrunch | Microsoft Previews New Touch-Friendly MSN And Bing for Windows 8
EConsultancy | Microsoft unveil apps driven Windows 8 and IE at IAB Mixx

Mashable | Facebook to Marketers: Clicks Don’t Matter, But Reach and Frequency Do
AdRants | Facebooks Says Clicks Are Irrelevant, Urges Focus on Reach and Frequency
VentureBeat | Facebook to advertisers: clicks are meaningless and here’s the proof
Yahoo! News | Facebook to Marketers: Clicks Don’t Matter, But Reach and Frequency Do
Inside Facebook | Facebook says impressions, reach and frequency matter more than clicks
Vator News | Facebook doesn’t care how many clicks an ad gets
Brandchannel | Facebook Tries to Wean Marketers Off Clicks
4-traders | Facebook Inc: Facebook Studio: Making Digital Brand Campaigns Better
AllFacebook | Facebook Marketing: Getting Outside Of The Click Mentality
AdExchanger | For Facebook, Shift to Online GRP Can’t Come Fast Enough

News Coverage of MIXX

New York Times | At Advertising Week, The Vital Role of Digital Marketing
Adweek | Voice: West Coast, Meet East Coast
DigiDay | L’Oreal: Ads Matter LessSmartBlog on Social Media | Dennis Crowley declares Foursquare “open for business” at #IABMIXX
AdNationNews | IAB New York Conference
TechCrunch | Twitter Says More Than Half of Its Users Follow Six Or More Brands
TechCrunch | Sheryl Sandberg: We’re More Afraid of Losing Than Standing Still
Business Insider | Here’s What Sheryl Sandberg Says Is Facebook’s No. 1 Problem Right Now
TechCrunch | Dennis Crowley to Advertisers: Foursquare Is ‘Pretty Much Open For Business’
Business Insider | L’Oreal’s Marketing Chief Just Showed This Bizarre Video OF a Pierced Dude Washing Himself To A Packed Audience
Adobe at Advertising Week | Digital Advertising Effectiveness

IAB Announcements at MIXX

IAB Expands QAG – ‘Quality Assurance Guidelines’ – to Include All Buyers & Sellers of Digital Media, Delivering Brand Safety Across Digital Transactions

Mobile Screens Have Strong Influence on Male Moviegoers, According to Groundbreaking Research from IAB & InMobi

IAB Research Shows Digital Media on the Upswing for Election 2012, Political Strategists Predict Bigger Spends in Future National Elections

Research on IAB Rising Stars Display Ad Units Shows Big Lift Across Core Interactive Metrics

Ad-Supported Internet Responsible for 5.1 Million U.S. Jobs, Contributes $530 Billion to U.S. Economy in 2011 Alone, According to IAB Study

News Coverage of IAB Announcements

AdExchanger | IAB Aims to Shape Programmatics Growth with Quality Assurance Standards

Mobile and the Movies
Hollywood Reporter | Study: More Men Than Women Use Mobile Phones to Choose Movies, Watch Trailers
MediaPost's Moblog | Smartphone vs. the Chick Flick Males Munch Mobile
Econsultancy - Moviegoers increasingly influences by mobile report
Digital Media Wire | research mobile crucial for reaching male moviegoers
VatorNews |  men more likely than women to get movie info via mobile
DigitalTrends | mobile movie use heavier in men than women
L.A. Biz Journal |Study: Mobile screens have strong influence on male moviegoers

Digital Elections
ClickZ | IAB’s Data Driven Political Ad Push Backs Lobbying Goals

Rising Stars
Adweek | Digital Has An Ad Problem and Lots of Solutions
BtoB | IAB finds user interaction higher with Rising Stars ad units
MediaPost | IAB ‘Rising Stars’ Ads Beat Standard Units
Adotas | Jivox, Federated Media Collaborate To Bring IAB Rising Stars Ad Units to Brands
Poynter | Ad Age: ‘Digital dimes are turning into mobile pennies’

Ad-Supported Internet
Wall Street Journal | Good News in Jobs: Ad-Supported Internet Economy Doubles
Washington Post | IAB releases new economic report
Ad Age | Study: The Ad-Supported Internet Added $530 Billion to U.S. Economy in 2011 – 3.7% of GDP
Adweek | The Digital Stimulus Package: Two million new gigs were created in 2011, says IAB study
Washington Post | Ad-Supported Internet makes big contribution to U.S. economy, IAB report says
Ad Nations News | IAB New York Conference
Marketing Land | IAB Study: Ad-Supported Internet Responsible for 5.1 Million U.S. Jobs
IndustryWeek | Industry ‘Ecosystem’ Makes up 3.7% of US Economy: Study
Adotas | Global Performance Marketing Success: Are You Prepared?
BusinessNewsDaily | Ad-Supported Internet Puts Oomph in Economy
MediaBistro | Monday Morning Stir
MediaPost | How Spider Web Effect Supports U.S. Economic, Job Growth
ClickZ | Big Data Drives Ad-Supported Internet Job Growth
The Australian | ‘Net ecosystem is 3.7 percent of US economy’
AdRants | Ad-Supported Internet Creates 5.1 Million Jobs, Adds $350 Billion to Economy
Adotas | IAB: Ad-Supported Internet Responsible for 5.1M US Jobs
Puget Sound Biz Journal | Washington No. 3 in US for Internet-supported jobs: Report
MediaPost | Internet Jobs Booming Across All Sectors
Northwest Innovation | Washington State Third in Ad-Supported Internet Jobs
news24 | Internet already 3.7% of US economy
Tech Investor News | Ad-supported Internet makes big contribution to U.S. economy, AB report says
GeekWire | Ad-supported Internet firms responsible for 5.1M jobs
PandoDaily | Ad-Supported Internet Accounts for 3.5% of US GDP
Digital Media Wire | Study: Ad-supported Internet is $530b of U.S. economy [check out this chart showing job density in top four cities]