IAB MRAID Compliance Test

In order to ensure consistency across MRAID implementations the IAB has established an objective compliance test for MRAID v2.  

The compliance test consists of five test ads created and vetted by the IAB’s MRAID Working Group.  

Companies that wish to certify their SDK or app as MRAID v2-compliant must affirm that it has successfully run all five of these test ads, and that the ads performed correctly as specified in their documentation.

Passing this test will serve as an objective verification that the SDK being tested has correctly implemented all the features of the MRAID v2 specification, ensuring greater certainty for the industry.  

As examples of well-constructed MRAID creatives, we also expect these test ads will help ad designers use MRAID as well.

Documentation for the five test ads, which includes links to where the creative can be accessed for testing, can be downloaded from this page.

The MRAID compliance test is currently in a trial phase, which will close on May 21.  We encourage any company with an MRAID v2 SDK to download the test ad documentation and review and run the five test creatives.  Please submit any feedback to the IAB at [email protected].  

Following the end of the trial phase, the MRAID Working Group will review comments on the test creatives, make any necessary changes to the test ads, and release a final compliance test.

Following the final release, the IAB will reach out to all companies that are currently certified as MRAID v2 compliant and require that they verify their compliance status by passing the test.  Companies that do not do so within a reasonable period will lose their status.