Mobile Video Buyer's Guide

Mobile video is like the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of digital media today:  two great tastes that taste great together.   Video on smartphones and tablets is one of the fastest growing subcategories within the already fast-growing category of mobile advertising.  Moreover, video is an intuitive medium for advertisers:  in contrast to the rich but complex possibilities of touchable, rotate-able, or shake-able mobile ads, marketers and agencies “get” how to tell a simple brand story in 15- or 30-seconds.  

This Buyer’s Guide is intended to help creative designers and media planners learn their way around the mobile video landscape.  It presupposes some knowledge of PC-based digital video, and seeks to highlight ways that mobile video is similar to, and differs from, the PC video world.  The guide offers:

  • Core stats on mobile video
  • Frameworks for thinking about mobile video opportunities
  • Definitions of key metrics
  • Some questions to ask of sellers
  • Basic advice on successfully tailoring video campaigns to the smartphone and tablet audiences.


                                         Phones and Tablets Over 10% of Digital Video