Mobile Manifesto: Creative Leaders on the Art Of Successful Mobile Brand Advertising
In celebration of creativity and in preparation for the 2013 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the IAB has created a unique, comprehensive view of today’s mobile creative best practices. IAB started with the consumer and with Dynamic Logic data from more than 100+ mobile campaigns. Based on the data,  Dynamic Logic, Millward Brown’s digital practice, created 4 high level thought starters for mobile creative best practices.
IAB asked Millward Brown’s qualitative practice, Firefly, to ask a variety of agency creatives to elaborate on these initial best practice thought starters - to share perspective and thoughts on how to enhance the thought starters.
We conducted 15 in depth telephone interviews with senior level creatives from 2 quota groups:
  • Quota A1: Judges at either Cannes or IAB MIXX Awards.
  • Quota A2: Involved with global campaigns, native to digital, prior to current role were in a position which focused on      mobile, and have familiarity working with 360 campaigns.
Research participants came from a range of advertising agencies including Chiat Day, Draft FCB, JWT, R/GA and Digitas. This Powerpoint contains the report of the Firefly research with creatives. A full set of specifications is presented in the Appendix of this report.