Millennial Media’s Mobile Madness Report

Millennial Media’s Mobile Madness

Millennial Media partnered with the IAB to commission Harris Interactive to conduct an in-depth survey of over 2,000 U.S. adults about how they engaged with mobile devices during the 2012 NCAA Tournament. Mobile devices provide users immediate access to content that is crucial during live events, demonstrated by sports viewers during the 2012 NCAA Tournament. For 26% of passionate fans, fans with a favorite team in the NCAA Tournament, mobile devices became the “first screen” for watching games and getting the latest news. Also, for the first time ever, fans could purchase an NCAA Tournament app that allowed them to watch every game via their mobile device(s).

More findings include:

  • On the 1st day of the NCAA Tournament, Sports apps experienced a 31% impression increase week-over-week. During the 5 pm-7 pm time slot, impressions increased 158% week-over-week. In addition to an increase in impressions across Sports apps, Social Media apps also experienced a 42% impression increase week-over-week during prime time games on the first day of the NCAA Tournament (7 pm-11 pm).
  • From checking scores and watching highlights, to interacting with friends, family and alumni, 88% of passionate fans turned to their mobile devices as a way of engaging with NCAA Tournament related content. We anticipate seeing similar consumer behavior trends during other multi-day sporting events like the upcoming UEFA Euros and the 2012 Summer Olympics.
  • Mobile usage spiked on Millennial Media’s platform in a number of metro areas during the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament. The Top 16 DMAs during this time demonstrated that mobile usage was up not only in cities rooting for local teams, like Charlotte, but in large metro areas with displaced fans – like Chicago and New York.