Raising the Curtain on Mobile: Mobile’s Role in Researching and Purchasing Live Event Tickets

New IAB and InMobi Study

IAB partnered with InMobi and Decision Fuel to examine how US live entertainment seekers (e.g. live music lovers and live performance aficionados) are using mobile media and how advertisers can best communicate with this audience.

Some key findings from the research:

  • 90% of live entertainment seekers turn to mobile after seeing ads for entertainment events on other channels. In fact, mobile rivals TV as the most preferred media choice for entertainment information consumption. Leverage mobile as part of a comprehensive mixed media strategy.
  • Live entertainment seekers use mobile at all stages throughout the entertainment seeking process—including pre-show planning and post-show activities. Use mobile to reach music and performance lovers at all times.
  • 41% of live entertainment seekers purchase concert and show tickets directly through mobile devices. Box office, online and mobile are now all major sources of ticket sales.

Marketers promoting live events like concerts and shows should make mobile a call to action in all advertising: mobile, digital and traditional media.  And it’s increasingly important to run campaigns across multiple media channels—including mobile ad buys alongside TV, PC, radio and print, so that your event finds its audiencewherever they happen to be.