IAB Mobile Discrepancies

Discrepancies are nothing new to the digital advertising marketplace, so why are they such a concern for mobile campaigns in particular? As the digital advertising industry has matured, standards have been created and adopted, vendor offerings and tracking have become more consistent, the internet has become faster and more stable and as a result the difference between two parties’ counts has decreased to an acceptable percentage (most of the time). The mobile ecosystem is not quite there, yet. Sometimes you will experience a close 5% difference while other times you many see a shockingly high difference of over 50%. Why such a variance? An array of devices, operation systems and versions, applications and even new behaviors are now part of the mix. Not to mention the inconsistency of a user’s connection when moving around in the physical world. While these additional variables need to be taken into consideration and often make discrepancy investigations challenging, the most common root causes still boil down to the same ones the industry has experienced for years with desktop campaigns: human error, when ad calls are made in the ad serving sequence, and differences in vendors reporting and targeting offerings.

Mobile Discrepencies 2.0 is a follow-up to last year’s Mobile Discrepancies: exploring common root causes whitepaper. This paper expands on the earlier work by presenting new research on the state of mobile discrepancies based on a survey of over 85 publishers, ad servers, ad networks, data providers, DSPs, exchanges, rich media vendors and agencies. In this paper we also provide updated and in-depth guidance on troubleshooting mobile discrepancies before, during and after a campaign.