Cross-Screen Case Studies

The case studies below show the added benefits, effectiveness and KPIs for brands breaking down traditional media silos to deliver messages to their audiences across multiple screens.

Nintendo 3DS Donkey Kong Returns

Marketer/Brand: Nintendo
Agency: Optimedia
Publisher/Media Company: Tremor Video
Technology Enablers: Tremor Video
Other Relevant Participants: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
Active Online: May 2, 2013  May 13, 2013

The campaign:

Nintendo and Optimedia wanted an exciting way to drive overall awareness and purchase intent for the launch of Donkey Kong Returns. In addition to engaging, interactive ads, the client needed to reach kids and other viewers wherever they consume online video by running across Desktop, Mobile and Tablet.

The plan:

  • Utilizing high-impact interactive video units on placements across Tremor Video’s Instream (desktop), Mobile web, Mobile In-App across our suite of premium publishers Tremor was able to reach and interact with the intended audience.



Jeep Wins with Mobile-First Cross-Screen from Millennial Media

Marketer: Jeep
Agency: Universal McCann
Technology Enablers: Millennial Media
Active Online: Q3 2013  Q4 2014

The campaign:

Jeep and Universal McCann collaborated with Millennial Media to develop an integrated approach for Compass/Patriot to deliver their message across all screens, through one unified campaign. Jeep and Universal McCann tapped into Millennial Media’s PATH Cross-Screen Advertising suite, which provided message accuracy, at scale.

The plan:

  • By combining third-party auto-specific audience data with Millennial Media’s unique multi-screen device-matching technology, Jeep delivered their message to each viewer as they moved between devices—ensuring they hit in-market consumers from multiple touch points, wherever they consumed content.
  • While on PCs, eye-catching banners featuring continuity messaging for the 2014 Patriot and Compass vehicles directed the consumer to the website, strengthening Jeep’s connection with consumers as they navigated between smartphones, tablets and PCs.

The results:
Engagement metrics made possible by the creative or something other than CTR showcasing the success of the campaign are most compelling here.

  • The campaign reached a unique audience of 1.4 million cross-screen viewers.
  • Over 57% of all impressions reached the same user across multiple screens, demonstrating strong unique user reach and user accuracy.
  • CTR increased by over 43% on PC ads when we reached the same user on their mobile device first.



Lincoln MKZ Branding campaign

Marketer/Brand: Ford / Lincoln
Agency: Hudson Rouge
Publisher/Media Company: Tremor Video
Other Relevant Participants: Team Detroit
Active Online: CY 2013  CY 2013

The campaign:

The Hudson Rouge/Team Detroit Lincoln MKZ team engaged Tremor Video to help broaden awareness and engagement of the new Lincoln MKZ sedan across all screens. Leveraging the Tremor ad creative template, the team was able to give creative direction and input to Tremor in order to create clear, concise, and easily navigated interactive video units. The interactive elements drove engagement and the nuanced animations caught the eye, but don’t overwhelm the videos. Collaboration with the agency and client produced one of the most successful automotive video campaigns in Tremor’s history.

The plan:

Tremor served interactive video ad units across desktop, smartphone and tablet screens, delivering against 200+ premium sites.

The creative:




HBO Latino – Game of Thrones S4

Marketer/Brand: HBO Latino
Agency: MGS
Publisher/Media Company: Tremor Video
Active Online: March 2014  April 2014

The campaign:

The goal of this campaign was to generate awareness and consideration of the HBO Latino brand and programming offerings. The agency sought to create buzz and ensure their digital video efforts would build excitement and interest for the much anticipated premiere of Game of Thrones Season 4. Tremor was commissioned to educate consumers about Game of Thrones and drive to tune-in for the premiere. Additionally, Tremor was able to test language preferences among the U.S Hispanic online audience.

The plan:

Tremor created custom high-impact Instream video units for table and smartphone. These videos were to Entertainment-related audiences and content. This unit showcases a branded environment upon user engagement (engagement = tap). This unit also ran across BOTH Spanish and English language mobile devices.

The Super Mobile Video unit had graphic bugs in both English and Spanish and the user was taken to an English engagement slate or a Spanish engagement slate depending on which bug they engaged with.

This campaign also ran a Pre-Roll Plus unit utilizing Tremor Video’s exclusive access to Affinity Answer’s mutual social affinity tool to expand Game Of Throne’s current fan base.

The creative: