Peter Dille is Chief Marketing Officer of Tapjoy and joined the company in 2011. Having previously served as SVP of Marketing at Sony and SVP of Worldwide Marketing for THQ, Peter brings extensive consumer marketing and technology expertise with a particular focus on interactive entertainment. At Sony, Peter was responsible for marketing the company’s highly successful PlayStation platform and growing the brand to a multi-billion dollar business. Peter is passionate about all things media and technology and often speaks at major industry events and conferences. He is married with three teenaged kids—ensuring that he gets plenty of IT support.

We asked Peter four questions about the state of mobile.


1. Why did Tapjoy join the IAB's Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence?

2. Why are you personally working in mobile media? What excites you about this part of the digital world?

3.  Talk a little bit about what Tapjoy’s learned about making great mobile creative.  What makes a mobile ad “engaging” to a consumer?

4. What should be the industrysor the IABstop priority to maintain the growth of mobile marketing in 2014?



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