Eric Litman is Chairman and CEO of Medialets, the essential advertising platform for mobile, tablets and connected devices. He is a pioneer of the Internet’s commercialization, and as a co-founder of Proxicom, helped to build one of the first, largest, and most successful publicly traded interactive agencies. Eric most recently served as Managing Director of WashingtonVC, an early-stage fund and incubator. Previously, Eric held senior executive roles in high-growth Internet businesses, as founder and CEO of Viaduct Technologies, a global Internet and mobile interactive agency. He was also instrumental in building digitalNATION, a world leading web hosting and services provider, from its launch through its $100m acquisition by Verio Internet/NTT (NYSE: NTT). Eric began his career with technical and software engineering positions at GEnie, a pre-Internet online service provider, and NeXT Computer.

Medialets is a supporting member of the IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, and Eric and his team have taken a strong leadership position on the IAB’s mobile impression measurement guidelines and the MRAID standard.

We asked Eric four questions about the state of mobile.


1. Why did Medialets join the IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence?

2. Why are you working in mobile media? What excites you about this part of the digital world?

3.  What’s the biggest opportunity for brands that embrace mobile as part of their marketing/advertising strategy?

4. What should be the industry’s top priority to maintain or accelerate the growth of mobile marketing in 2014?



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