Randall Rothenberg

Randall Rothenberg
President & CEO,

Welcome to the IAB MIXX Awards Insights Report

The IAB MIXX Awards is a beacon of where this industry is going—an indicator of what works and why. It’s not just an awards show. True, it culminates in a lively gala each year where industry luminaries and up-and-comers unite in the celebration of digital advertising excellence. Yes, gold, silver, and bronze trophies are handed out at the event to the elated, the proud, and the triumphant. But the IAB MIXX Awards is larger than a one-night stand. When you look at the successful strategies behind the creative executions, the big ideas and the technologies behind them, as well as the brand-building results, the future of this industry begins to take shape. 

This year, the winning work demonstrated the increasing sophistication of this industry. Brands created deeply immersive experiences, establishing fantastic new worlds in which consumers readily engaged. Social media was woven throughout the best-of-the-best work so pervasively and so seamlessly, it’s clearly become a new standard in what it takes to build a stand-out campaign. A drive toward innovation triggered an evolution in the relationship between paid, earned, owned, and invented media, as marketers pursued both invention and scale. Many campaigns were not just conscious of their real-world context, but also conscientiousness, endeavoring to instantaneously improve quality of life. What we saw this year was work that set the bar higher than any year prior.

For nearly 10 years, the IAB MIXX Awards has been celebrating creativity and impact. Creative luminaries from agencies, influential marketers who control some of the largest budgets, and distinguished leaders from major media companies come together annually to wrestle with questions like: What is excellence in digital marketing and advertising? What work sends the right signal of where the industry should be going? In this, the first-ever IAB MIXX Awards Insights Report, the judges’ insights are extends beyond the jury room. The report brings to light some of the complex reasoning behind the singular statement of what wins. I invite you to allow this collection of work and ideas to inspire you. With this knowledge in hand, you’ll have what it takes to propel us all forward for tomorrow.


Randall Rothenberg
President & CEO
Interactive Advertising Bureau