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“The OREO and Cole Haan social media campaigns worked because they were natural and not forced.”

Suzie Reider

Suzie Reider
Head, Media Solutions,

When your brand image needs an adjustment, nobody is more effective than a New York drag queen in heels. That’s who Cole Haan and BBH New York tapped in their quest to target the Big Apple’s 25- to 34-year-olds. Their Don’t Go Home social marketing campaign encouraged New Yorkers to stay out late, using media that only comes out at night. Brand messaging and #DontGoHome tags could be seen on closed storefront gates and projected onto walls near nighttime hotspots. What’s more, the brand provided everything the young set needed to enjoy their night out from free sandwiches delivered by branded food trucks, to impromptu street dancing and photo ops with the drag queens. The seriously social campaign worked sparking buzz across the city and the fashion world.

“The OREO and Cole Haan social media campaigns worked because they were natural and not forced. The social element was woven into the cadence and rhythm of what was going on. For Cole Haan, the threading together of the media on the pull-down security gates and late-night food trucks, as well as the theme of don't go home (or don't let your shoes be the reason you go home) all appeared totally organic. It was as though there was a reason for Cole Haan to be looped into consumers’ nights out. The same held true for OREO. The graphic connection between the iconic cookie and the biggest storylines of the day felt truly organic. With social, there must be an intellectual alibi. The consumer must feel like the brand added to conversation by showing up.”

Suzie Reider, Head, Media Solutions, YouTube/Google

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