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Questions? Contact Gina Imperato, IAB MIXX Awards Executive Producer, at 917-696-6370 or [email protected].
I. Scoring Responsibilities and Timeframe
  1. All information contained within the entries is confidential. Submitting organizations and their clients go through great hurdles to secure approval to enter awards competitions. Many entries contain behind-the-scenes details that shed light on competitive secrets. Per the IAB confidentiality agreement that you signed and submitted, you agree that you will not use or share any of the information contained in these entries. We appreciate your cooperation.
  2. Each member of the screening committee will be required to view no more than 35 entries. PLEASE NOTE: This number may vary slightly depending on the total entries in the system at the time of your review. The system will continue to serve you entries until your requirement is met. Please keep reviewing entries until the system notifies you that you have reached the requirement. At this point, you will have the option to finalize your entries or to keep going and review additional entries. If you chose to screen more entries, you will not receive any prompts. You can complete your review at any time by finalizing your entries. Instructions for finalizing your entries can be found below in section IV, 7.
  3. Entries are chosen for you at random. Each screener is required to score all assigned entries by the deadline. It is critical that you complete the review by the deadline so that the highest ranked entries can move into the next phase of the judging process. You can begin today. Please note: Entries can be submitted into multiple categories. If you get an entry that looks familiar, it’s likely because it was entered into more than one category. Be sure to review each entry in the context of the category in which it was entered. If you feel like you can’t be impartial, then use the “Report a Conflict” feature to skip the entry.
  4. You may review and score all the entries at once, but we don’t recommend it. Instead, we suggest that you score them over several log-in sessions during the screening period. After you review several entries and get a feel for the process, you may decide to go back and change some of your scores. You can do this by clicking “review” in the right hand column, under “Your Progress.”

II. Scoring Procedures and Guidelines

  1. Please be sure to review the entry in the context of the category in which it has been entered.
  2. Each entry is scored on four components – and each constitutes 25 percent of the total score – except entries submitted into the Search Marketing category. This category does not require creative so the creative component scoring is omitted for these entries.
    • Strategy (25%)
    • Execution & Use of Media (25%)
    • Results and Return on Investment (25%)
    • Creative (25%)
  3. As you review each entry’s four components, you should note the extent to which each component meets the requirements as outlined in the written case study components (see below). Review the creative samples before reading the case study components of the entry. All creative will be accessible via URLs provided by the submitting firm; some entries will require a password. This information will be included in the entry form that you are reviewing.
  4. Each component – Strategy, Use of Media, Results and ROI, Creative – is scored on a scale of “0” to “5.” If any component fails to meet any of the requirements, then it should receive a “0.” If the URLs submitted for the creative are not working, use the "report a problem" link to alert us of the issue and skip the entry.

    Below is further guidance for the points on the rating scale.
    • 0 = doesn’t meet requirements of scoring guidelines by any means
    • 1 = below average in meeting scoring guidelines
    • 2 = average in meeting scoring guidelines
    • 3 = slightly above average in meeting scoring guidelines
    • 4 = above average in meeting scoring guidelines
    • 5 = hit a home run in meeting scoring guidelines

III. Guidelines for Evaluating Written Case Study Components

  1. Strategy – Key Criteria:
    1. How clearly was the strategic business and marketing challenge stated?
    2. Were there clear brand and business goals, objectives, and target audiences?
    3. Were the creative and media strategies articulated well?
    4. Was research incorporated into the strategy?
    5. What were the overall campaign objectives based on the situation outlined? For example: Increase market share? Increase unaided or aided brand awareness? Improve prospect engagement (e.g. time engaged with branded content)? Generate $x from the campaign (unit sales, revenue, etc.)? Improve cost of acquisition (cost/response, cost/customer, cost/revenue generated, etc.)? Improve overall perception?
    6. Was historical context provided (e.g., benchmarks vs. years prior and/or competitive landscape)?
  2. Execution & Use of Media – Key Criteria:
    1. Is there anything unique, noteworthy, or interesting about how the brand and/or business goals and objectives outlined above were executed?
    2. Was there effective execution of interactive tools, technologies and tactics to accomplish the goals and objectives outlined in the strategy?
    3. Were multiple tactics integrated successfully?
    4. How effective was the link to non-interactive tactics (if applicable)?
    5. What was the share of the budget for interactive versus offline (if applicable)? Was it significant?
    6. Was the use of media appropriate and effective at reaching the target audience?
    7. How sophisticated and effective was the technology deployment?
  3. Results and ROI – Key Criteria:
    1. How did the results tie back to the brand and/or business goals and objectives – whether sales, conversions, brand awareness, trials perceptual shifts, etc.?
    2. Were there credible sources and dates of data or research – either third party, client’s, or own – to prove effectiveness AND ROI?
    3. Was there evidence of a tangible effect of the work on the client’s brand and business?
  4. Creative – Key Criteria:
    1. How engaging were the creative examples?
    2. Was there a unique use of media?
    3. How good was the art direction and copywriting?
    4. How well did the online creative integrate with other media, if applicable?
    5. Were technologies used in creative ways?
    6. Did the creative resonate with the brand and/or business strategy?

IV. Reviewing and Scoring Entries

  1. Log into MIXX Awards Screening web site at:
    1. Your personal user name is: SEE “SCREENING INSTRUCTIONS” EMAIL

      Click on the “Start Screening” (or “Resume Screening”) button on the right hand side.
  2. Scoring an entry:
    1. Review the Creative URLs and Written Case Studies and then use the buttons on the bottom of the page to assign a score (0-5). The URLs for the creative (and some written case studies) will open in a popup window.  If you have trouble viewing them you can use the external link [->] icon to launch the URL in a new window.
    2. Once you’ve designated a score for each of the four sections, click “Save and Next.”
    3. You will be brought to the next submission in the queue.
  3. Problems with creative:
    1. If you have trouble accessing Creative URLs or viewing Written Case Studies, click the "report a problem" link, located to the right of each section.  A dialog box will appear.
    2. Enter a description of the problem, and press "Submit and Skip This Entry".  You will be brought to the next submission in the queue.
  4. Conflict of interest:
    1. If you have a conflict of interest with any entry you are asked to review, click the "Conflict of interest? Click here to skip this entry." link.  A dialog box will appear.
    2. Enter a brief description explaining the conflict of interest, and click "Submit and Skip This Entry".  You will receive the next submission in the queue.
  5. Taking a break:
    1. You can “Log out” and continue scoring at a later time. To do this, after entering your scores for an entry, click the “save and take a break” link located underneath the “Save and Next” button.
      Your progress will be saved. You can resume reviewing entries by clicking the “Resume screening” link, or “Log out” if you intend to log in again later.
  6. Reviewing and editing scores:
    1. On the right hand column, click the "review" link under the "Your Progress" section.  The list of entries you’ve reviewed will appear.
    2. To edit your scores for any entry, click on the entry title.
    3. Adjust the scores for the entry as needed, then press Save. You will be returned to the Review page.
  7. Finalizing your scores:
    1. When you have reached your goal, reviewed your scores, and are certain that you are finished, you must click “Finalize Scores” on the right hand column. Your scores will be finalized and submitted to the central MIXX screening database. PLEASE NOTE: After finalizing your scores, you will be locked out and will no longer be able to access the system.
    2. Screening is not considered complete until you finalize your scores.

If you have questions, please contact Gina Imperato, IAB MIXX Awards Executive Producer ASAP at 917-696-6370 or [email protected].