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IAB MIXX Awards – 2015 Screening Instructions

DEADLINE: Friday, July 24 @ 11:59pm ET
Questions? Contact Skylar Hogan, IAB Event Coordinator at [email protected] or 212-380-4734 or Gina Imperato, IAB MIXX Awards Executive Producer at [email protected] or 917-696-6370

Thank you for volunteering your time and expertise to support the IAB MIXX Awards. The IAB MIXX Awards screening committee plays a crucial role in the judging phase of the awards program ensuring only the best work get shortlisted and put in front of the jury.  We appreciate your time and effort.

Below is everything you need to know to complete your review including instructions for how to use the online system as well as criteria for reviewing and scoring the entries. We strongly recommend you print this document and entry category descriptions as you’ll want to refer to them frequently during your review.

If you have any questions or issues, please don’t hesitate to contact Skylar Hogan at [email protected] or 212-380-4734 or Gina Imperato at [email protected] or 917-696-6370.

I. About IAB MIXX Awards
The IAB MIXX Awards are about great work that drives results. Therefore, try not to get distracted by the amazing visuals in creative samples /case study videos or the impressive metrics in written brief. Instead, look for a combination of a great idea, with beautiful visuals, that is executed brilliantly and has made real impact against its stated objective. Think about what makes this work stand out and why it would be a great example to educate the industry about what works in interactive and help the marketplace understand where the industry is headed in the future.

II. Before You Start – The Basics

  1. Confidentiality agreement

    All the information contained in the entries is confidential. Many entries contain behind-the-scenes details that shed light on competitive secrets and advantages. Per the IAB confidentiality agreement you signed, you cannot use or share any of the information contained in the entries. PLEASE NOTE: You will not be able to access the online system until your signed confidentiality agreement is received.
  2. The review mechanics and timeline

    There is no physical meeting. This phase of the judging is done entirely online. As long as you have a computer and internet connection, your review can be done from anywhere at anytime between Monday, July 13 and Friday, July 24.
    PLEASE NOTE: Since many of the case study videos require flash, reviews cannot be done on an iPad.

    You are required to review and score approximately 35 entries over these dates.
    PLEASE NOTE: This number may vary since we begin the review process before we close submissions. The system will alert you when you complete the required number of entries, which may be less- but not more- than 35 entries.

    Once the required number of entries have been scored, you will have the option to complete your review or continue to score additional entries. If you opt for the latter, you are able to stop and complete your review at any time.

    Although you can review and score all the entries in one 5-7 hour session, we don’t recommend it. Instead, we strongly encourage to you to do your review over several sessions during the screening period, in order to properly absorb and score each entry.

    It is absolutely critical that you complete your review no later than Friday, July 24 at 11:59pm ET to ensure IAB can move on to the next phase of judging.
  3. Some tips:

    Be sure to note the category of the entry you are reviewing and score it in the context of the description of that category. Entries are chosen for you at random. This means you won’t be reviewing a group of entries for one specific category but individual entries submitted into any of the categories. Therefore, it is important to keep track of the category of each entry. Scoring may vary depending on category. You may also see the same entry a number of times, as campaigns may be submitted for multiple categories. Each entry must be scored within the context of the category it is has been submitted.

    Conflict of interest. The online system should prevent you from seeing working that your company was involved in (provided your company is referenced in the entry form). However, should you get an entry that you have insider knowledge about, please use the “Report a conflict” feature to skip the entry.

    Problems viewing a written brief or accessing creative samples and videos.
    If you have trouble accessing a written brief or the links provided in the entry form, please use the “Report a problem” feature. This will allow you to skip the entry and alert us to the issue. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you start each entry by reviewing the creative portion of the entry form. Typically, this gives you a good overview of the entry and if there is a problem with the creative, you won’t have wasted time reviewing and scoring the components addressed in the written brief.

II. Getting Started – What to keep in mind/look for while evaluating entries

  1. What category is the entry submitted in? Be sure to review the entry in the context of the category in which it has been submitted.  (Click here for entry category descriptions.)
  2. Each entry is scored on four components (Creative samples, Objective/Goal, Idea and Execution, and Results) -- and each accounts for 25% of the overall score. The only exception is the Search Marketing category, which doesn’t require creative samples so the creative component is omitted for these entries.
  3. Review the creative samples before reading the written brief. All creative samples and/or case study videos will be accessible via URL or FTP provided by the submitting firm. Some entries will require a username and/or password. If required, this information will be included in the entry form that you are reviewing.
  4. Scoring guidelines. While each of the components is weighted equally, each one must be rated on a scale of 0-10. Please keep in mind the following questions while scoring.
    • Creative samples: Did the video and/or creative samples give you a good sense of the work and the interactive experience? Did you get a feel for the consumer experience?
    • Objective/Goal: Do you understand what the brand was trying to accomplish? Did the brief outline the strategic business or marketing challenge the work was created to address? (e.g. Improve overall brand perception? Create a unique consumer engagement? Increase market share? Increase brand awareness? Drive $x unit sales? Etc.)
    • Idea and Execution: Do you know what the “big idea” behind this entry is and understand the plan developed to meet the brand’s goals stated in the previous section? Did the entrant outline the key insight(s) that informed the work and strategic plan for accomplishing the goals outlined in the objectives/goals section?  (e.g. What was the inspiration behind the work? What interactive tools, tactics, platforms were use to execute the vision? Why were they chosen?  How were those tools used to make the work unique and noteworthy? Etc.)
    • Results: Did the entrant clearly articulate how they and the client knew the work was successful in meeting the objectives and goals outlined in that section? Did the entrant outline how the work was evaluated, and how they/the client knew the work accomplished its goals? (e.g. What KPIs or metrics show that the work met or exceeded the brand’s expectations? What effect did the work have on the brand’s business? Beyond clicks and shares, what else was important in evaluating the impact of the work? Etc.)

Below is further guidance for the points on the rating scale.

III. How to Review and Score Entries

  1. Log into IAB MIXX Awards Screening web site at:
    1. Your personal user name is: SEE “SCREENING INSTRUCTIONS” EMAIL

      Click on the “Start Screening” (or “Resume Screening”) button on the right hand side.
  2. Scoring an entry:
    1. Review the Creative URLs and Written Case Studies and then use the buttons on the bottom of the page to assign a score (0-10). The URLs for the creative (and some written case studies) will open in a popup window.  If you have trouble viewing them you can use the external link [->] icon to launch the URL in a new window.
    2. Once you’ve designated a score for each of the four sections, click “Save and Next.”
    3. You will be brought to the next submission in the queue.
  3. Problems with creative:
    1. If you have trouble accessing Creative URLs or viewing Written Case Studies, click the "report a problem" link, located to the right of each section.  A dialog box will appear.
    2. Enter a description of the problem, and press "Submit and Skip This Entry".  You will be brought to the next submission in the queue.
  4. Conflict of interest:
    1. If you have a conflict of interest with any entry you are asked to review, click the "Conflict of interest? Click here to skip this entry." link.  A dialog box will appear.
    2. Enter a brief description explaining the conflict of interest, and click "Submit and Skip This Entry".  You will receive the next submission in the queue.
  5. Taking a break:
    1. You can log out and continue scoring at a later time. To do this, after entering your scores for an entry, click the “save and take a break” link located underneath the “Save and Next” button. When you are ready to begin again, simply click the “Resume screening” link.  
  6. Reviewing and editing scores:
    1. On the right hand column, click the "review" link under the "Your Progress" section.  The list of entries you’ve reviewed will appear.
    2. To edit your scores for any entry, click on the entry title.
    3. Adjust the scores for the entry as needed, then press Save. You will be returned to the Review page.
  7. Finalizing your scores:
    1. When you have reached your goal, reviewed your scores, and are certain that you are finished, you must click “Finalize Scores” on the right hand column. Your scores will be finalized and submitted to the central IAB MIXX screening database. PLEASE NOTE: After finalizing your scores, you will be locked out and will no longer be able to access the system.
    2. Screening is not considered complete until you finalize your scores.

If you have questions, please contact ASAP Skylar Hogan, IAB Event Coordinator at [email protected] or 212-380-4734 or Gina Imperato, IAB MIXX Awards Executive Producer at [email protected] or 917-696-6370