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About Microsoft

Microsoft helps consumers connect with brands through experiences that enhance their digital lives. Microsoft does this by providing advertisers, publishers, and developers with cross-platform opportunities to create meaningful and profitable customer engagement across the Microsoft devices and services people love, including Windows 8 apps, Windows Phone, Xbox, Skype, Bing, and MSN. Microsoft also offers advertisers a media network that reaches hundreds of millions of consumers around the world; and services and sales support technology that helps untangle the complexities of digital media to get more value from marketing and content investments. More information is available at

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About Acxiom

Acxiom is an enterprise data, analytics, and software as a service company that uniquely fuses trust, experience, and scale to fuel data-driven results. For over 40 years, Acxiom has been an innovator in harnessing the most important sources and uses of data to strengthen connections between people, businesses, and their partners. Utilizing a channel and media neutral approach, we leverage cutting-edge, data-oriented products and services to maximize customer value. Every week Acxiom powers more than a trillion transactions that enable better living for people and better results for our 7,000+ global clients.

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Tapad Inc.

About Tapad

Tapad is the undisputed leader in cross-platform marketing technology. The company’s groundbreaking technologies address the new and ever-evolving reality of media consumption on smartphones, tablets, and home computers. Through Tapad, advertisers are now able to get a unified view of consumers across all screens. Tapad has built the most robust, real-time cross-platform audience buying technology available.

Tapad is backed by major venture firms and “a hell of a list of entrepreneurs who created some of the most valuable online advertising companies of the last decade” (TechCrunch). Tapad is based in New York and has offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco. For more information, please visit

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About Google

Google’s innovative search technologies connect millions of people around the world with information every day. Founded in 1998 by Stanford Ph.D. students Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google today is a top web property in all major global markets. Google’s targeted advertising program, which is the largest and fastest growing in the industry, provides businesses of all sizes with measurable results, while enhancing the overall web experience for users. Google is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. For more information, visit

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NBCUniversal Digital Entertainment

About NBCUniversal Digital Entertainment

Every month NBCUniversal Digital Entertainment reaches tens of millions of the web’s most engaged users across our extensive portfolio of entertainment sites including: Fandango, E! Online,, DailyCandy,,,, and Visitors are immersed in NBCUniversal’s unparalleled digital platforms and experiences. As an industry leader in both premium video and powerful dedicated display, NBCUniversal also focuses on creating innovative content, social, and mobile experiences. NBCUniversal is an industry-leading pioneer in interactive multiscreen executions that provide deep connections between our users, our content, and our advertising partners.

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About, a division of AOL Networks, is transforming the way video advertising is bought and sold.’s video intelligence platform, Pathway, helps many of the world’s largest brands, agencies, publishers and ad networks intelligently, effectively and safely plan, buy and measure billions of video ad trades programmatically every month across web, linear TV and mobile video.

Headquartered in San Mateo, California, has US offices in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York, and international offices in Australia, India, Japan, Singapore and the UK. For more information, please visit, or follow on Twitter @Adaptv, Facebook at and LinkedIn at

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About Dstillery

Dstillery (formerly Media6Degrees) is at the forefront of advertising technology, pioneering new ways to create brand value for marketers by extracting signals from the complete customer journey and activating them across all screens. Dstillery recently acquired dominant local-intelligence company, EveryScreen Media. We're building on five years of leading the data revolution in marketing to find the customers scientifically proven to care about your brand and to drive even greater impact for your brand. Dstillery’s CrossWalk solution provides the opportunity to brand match, not just device match. Rather than ensuring it's the same person, Dstillery ensures it's the right person.

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About eBay

eBay is a global commerce platform and payments leader connecting millions of buyers and sellers through eBay, the world's largest online marketplace; through PayPal, which enables individuals and businesses to securely, easily, and quickly send and receive digital payments; and through GSI, which facilitates ecommerce, multichannel retailing, and digital marketing for global enterprises. eBay also reaches millions through specialized marketplaces such as StubHub and eBay classifieds sites, which together have a presence in more than 1,000 cities around the world. For more information, visit

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Extreme Reach

About Extreme Reach

Extreme Reach is the leading provider of video advertising distribution, ad serving, and talent and rights management solutions that span TV, web, mobile, and connected TV. The Extreme Reach video platform simplifies the execution of ad campaigns across video media and is the industry’s only platform that integrates both TV and online video advertising. The company’s network seamlessly connects over 2,500 advertisers and agencies with more than 1,000 commercial production houses and 18,000 media destinations across the U.S. and Canada, including every major broadcast network and all of the top websites. The company is headquartered in Needham, MA, with offices in New York, Chicago, Burbank, Detroit, Dallas, Seattle, and Louisville.

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INDEX Platform

About Index by Casale Media

Index is a transparent and fully customizable exchange technology that enables digital media organizations to sell their ad impressions programmatically and in real time. A division of online media technology veteran, Casale Media, Index equips enterprise level sellers with custom architected solutions, fully transparent sell side management technology, and access to programmatic demand that is organized and certified by humans into a clear and robust taxonomy.

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About Krux

Founded in 2010, Krux delivers data fabric for the consumer web via our data management platform (DMP). Krux helps our clients protect, manage, and monetize data across all digital screens and sources. Hundreds of digital businesses worldwide have adopted Krux technology including NBC Universal, Sanoma Media, IDG, New York Times, Meredith, Centro, Forbes Media, Washington Post, Telegraph, Bloomberg, GateHouse Media, and Financial Times. Through our diverse community of clients and partners, Krux helps improve digital experiences for almost 800 million internet users worldwide. Krux is privately held with offices in San Francisco, New York City, and London. Find out more at

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About MailOnline

UK-born MailOnline ( is the world’s largest English-language newspaper website with more than 50 million monthly unique visitors globally, and America’s third biggest online newspaper with U.S. traffic of 28 million monthly unique multiplatform visitors (comScore, May 2013). For people who want to be part of the world’s conversation, MailOnline is a next generation popular news stream driven by the instinct of seasoned journalists and continually optimized with real-time data. We inform and entertain at the same time. Our journalists don’t just report. They tell stories, with fascinating details that makes news and features compelling reads. And an abundant use of photography that makes it all come to life.

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Qualcomm Vuforia

About Qualcomm Vuforia

The Qualcomm Vuforia platform enables mobile apps to see and deliver compelling, interactive experiences. It is used by brand owners, creative agencies, and developers to create unique, engaging, high fidelity experiences with 3D graphics, touch, video, and audio to bring movie magic to mobile devices. Vuforia has been adopted by leading global brands and has powered 4,500+ commercial apps. It is supported by a rapidly growing global ecosystem of 60,000+ developers in 130 countries.

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About ShareThis

ShareThis powers the social web, touching the lives of 95 percent of U.S. internet users across more than two million publisher sites and 120+ social media channels. It makes content more engaging for publishers and marketing more effective for brands by tapping into the purest expression of interest-based social activity. ShareThis is the company for those wanting to make the world more connected, trusted, and valuable through sharing. Based in Palo Alto, CA, the company is privately held. To learn more visit

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About Tapjoy

Tapjoy is a mobile advertising and monetization platform that empowers users on more than 1 billion devices to watch videos, subscribe to services, install applications, and participate in other types of advertisements in exchange for premium content in their favorite apps.

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Tremor Video

About Tremor Video

Tremor Video is a leading provider of technology-driven video advertising solutions enabling brand advertisers to engage consumers across multiple internet-connected devices including computers, smartphones, tablets, and connected TVs. Our clients include some of the world’s largest brand advertisers and agencies. These relationships have helped us create a robust online video ecosystem that includes more than 500 premium websites and mobile applications, of which over 200 partner with us exclusively. Our proprietary technology, VideoHub, analyzes in-stream video content, detects viewer and system attributes, and leverages our large repository of stored data to optimize video ad campaigns for brand-centric metrics.

About VideoHub

Tremor Video is a leading provider of technology-driven video advertising solutions.  Our enterprise solution, VideoHub for Advertisers (VHA), provides our clients a simple way to measure, verify, and analyze the effectiveness of video advertising campaigns across all of their video ad buys. VHA uses our proprietary VideoHub technology to analyze and measure multiple signals to afford transparency into how, when, where, and why people engage with a video ad campaign. From ad serving to analytics, verification to advanced ad formats, VHA’s robust, flexible platform simplifies operations, provides actionable insights, and eliminates the need for multiple third-party solutions.  For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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About Undertone

Undertone is a digital advertising company that sits at the intersection of media, creative, and technology. We connect brands with consumers across smartphones, tablets, and desktops through our suite of high impact, video, and display ad units. Through our technology platforms, we deliver these ads at the right time and in the right context on a handpicked portfolio of the world’s best media properties. Find out more at

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The Weather Company

About The Weather Company

Where the World Gets its Weather
Through The Weather Channel,, Weather Underground,, and third-party publishing partners, the company provides millions of people every day with the world’s best weather forecasts, content, and data, connecting with them through television, online, mobile, and tablet screens. Through WSI and Weather Central, the company delivers superior professional weather services for the media, aviation, marine, and energy sectors. The Weather Company is owned by a consortium made up of NBC Universal and the private equity firms The Blackstone Group and Bain Capital. For more information, visit

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About WebMD

WebMD Health (Nasdaq: WBMD) is the leading provider of health information services, serving consumers, physicians, healthcare professionals, employers, and health plans through our public and private online portals and health-focused publications. WebMD is the leader in providing personalized, multimedia, interactive, educational experiences based on an individual’s needs and preferences. The WebMD Health Network includes WebMD Health, Medscape, MedicineNet, eMedicine, eMedicine Health, RxList,, and

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About YP

YP is the largest local ad platform in the United States, connecting businesses with more than 100 million local consumers when they’re ready to buy. We’ve been powering advertising solutions for more than 100 years, but how we do it has evolved. Today, through mobile, search and display, YP helps leading brands drive local results.

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About ABC

ABC provides viewers with the most sought after, engaging programming throughout the day—from Good Morning America to Jimmy Kimmel, Dancing with the Stars to Modern Family, Scandal to Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and live events like the Oscars. ABC Digital enables that great content to move with viewers wherever they are—on, Hulu, or through Watch ABC across a growing number of tablet, phone and connected TV apps. Reaching one of the largest audiences available in premium content across platforms, ABC provides marketers with a unified solution for reaching their best and most engaged consumers.

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About AcuityAds

AcuityAds is real-time bidding (RTB). Our advanced RTB platform is powered by proprietary machine learning technology that allows advertisers to hyper-target their digital consumers across online display, video, and mobile campaigns. In less than three years, we’ve grown from seven people crammed into one room, to over 50 people North America wide. We’ve been proven by Fortune 500 companies across North America to connect with the right consumers, in the right places, at the right times, and for the right price.

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Cablevision Media Sales

About Cablevision Media Sales

Cablevision Media Sales offers national and local advertisers numerous ways to reach their consumers through the power of television and digital platforms. National and local sales groups include Cablevision Media Sales, News 12 Networks, The New York Interconnect, amNewYork, and Newsday.

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About Evidon

Evidon technology gives businesses around the world unique insight into the digital ecosystem, including unparalleled intelligence on the marketing technologies that underpin the commercial web and the power to control their impact on business. Our technology includes Ghostery, the industry-leading browser tool that reports on data collection across 26 million websites and informs our company's business control solutions. We also provide market-leading privacy controls for more than $2 billion of display media annually that empower more than 150 million people daily to control how their information is used online. Companies make smarter decisions, protect their businesses and consumer privacy, and grow revenue as a result.

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eyeReturn Marketing

About eyeReturn Marketing

eyeReturn Marketing delivers real-time buying, ad serving, dynamic optimization, verification, analytics, and production for display, video, rich media, and mobile creative. eyeReturn Marketing is the only end-to-end digital advertising platform in the market. So even if you’re starting from scratch, we enable you to get the attention of the right audience with maximum efficiency and maximum reach—all in one platform. eyeServe, eyeTarget, eyeDemand. Learn more at

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About GumGum

GumGum is the premium in-image advertising platform for publishers and brands. Reaching millions of consumers as they actively view images across hundreds of quality websites, GumGum serves contextually relevant ads that yield far higher engagement than those of traditional display advertising units. In addition to helping advertisers reach highly targeted audiences in a brand-safe environment, GumGum gives publishers a new way to earn revenue by overlaying interactive ad units on the photos within their sites.

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About Innovid

Innovid delivers immersive advertising anywhere. Founded in 2007, Innovid provides visionary marketers with the tools to create, deliver and measure video campaigns, in any format, on any screen, publisher or ad network. Innovid's Ad Server was developed to address the issues specific to video ad serving and simplify the process for agencies and marketers. Bringing a new dimension to online video, Innovid's iRoll reimagines the possibilities for interactive engagement across multiple screens. For more information, visit

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About Jivox

Jivox is the leading multiscreen interactive advertising technology company. The Jivox IQ Ad platform enables agencies and publishers to produce and deliver highly-engaging ads featuring video, rich media, dynamic content, customizable widgets, and social sharing. Using Jivox, interactive ads can be easily authored and served in-stream, in-banner, and on mobile devices. Jivox technology eliminates the time consuming process of traditional code-based approaches. Jivox also provides sophisticated campaign measurement, demographic and purchase intent analytics via BrandGage—its real-time analytics platform. Several hundred media companies and agencies use Jivox, including College Humor, Federated Media, Weiden+Kennedy, Havas, Interactive One, Martha Stewart, Martini Media, Mojiva, Universal McCann, and Videology.

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About Kargo

Kargo is the leading mobile publisher platform, delivering the best in native and integrated advertising across its portfolio of premium partners. The company weaves content and ad technology into its publishers’ mobile and tablet properties, offering advertisers powerful mobile brand experiences at scale. Headquartered in New York with offices in Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, and Detroit, Kargo is privately held and organically grown.

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About Mixpo

Mixpo enables media companies and agencies to execute cross-screen, cross-social video ad campaigns. Our video ad products are polished, innovative, and can be tailored or created from scratch. Set up is fast whether we teach you to do-it-yourself or you utilize Mixpo as a managed service. We furnish the industry’s most comprehensive analytics, powered by big data, including adverification and campaign performance segmented by DMA, audience, and mobile device. In 2013, Forbes named Mixpo one of America’s Most Promising Companies. The IAB selected Mixpo as a winner of its Digital Video Rising Stars competition.

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About Optimatic

Optimatic Media, Inc. is the only fully managed video advertising SSP in the market.

Optimatic serves video advertisements through a proprietary programmatic, real time bidding (RTB) platform that utilizes multiple video demand partners to ensure the highest revenue for our publisher partners. World-class publishers utilize Optimatic’s proprietary (RTB) platform to optimize and monetize their video advertising inventory on desktop and mobile devices.

Optimatic is headquartered in New York City.

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Rubicon Project

About Rubicon Project

Rubicon Project pioneered advertising automation and is now doing for advertising what companies like NASDAQ did for stock trading. The company’s automated advertising platform is used by more than 700 of the world’s premium publishers and applications to transact with over 100,000 advertising brands globally.

A company driven by innovation, Rubicon Project has engineered the Advertising Automation Cloud, one of the largest real-time cloud and Big Data computing systems, processing trillions of transactions within milliseconds each month. According to comScore March 2014, Rubicon Project reaches 97 percent of U.S. Internet users per month. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Rubicon Project has ten offices across the globe including New York, San Francisco, Paris, Hamburg, Sydney, London and Tokyo.

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About Sociomantic

Sociomantic empowers ecommerce advertisers in more than 50 markets around the world with intelligent display advertising solutions that drive incremental sales for sustainable revenue growth. As a market leader in real-time bidding (RTB) and personalized display advertising, Sociomantic helps marketers reach new and existing customers to grow customer lifetime value (CLV) using today's most advanced display advertising technologies, including RTB retargeting and prospecting, real-time data management, dynamic ad personalization, custom CRM segmentation, and real-time reporting. These solutions are delivered and supported with full-service local expertise from fourteen offices across four continents.

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About Sparkpr

Named 2012 Technology Agency of the Year by Holmes Report, Sparkpr is one of the leading independent social media and technology PR agencies in the world. Sparkpr’s global footprint spans San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, London, and Cape Town.

Sparkpr, founded in 1999, represents global technology companies as well as startups. We are proud to have helped a long list of corporations achieve their communications objectives, including Wildfire, Good Technologies, Bing Travel, Electronic Arts, The Economist, Flickr,, Nielsen, Nokia, NVIDIA, Sony, Skype, and Yahoo!.

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About StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is the easiest way to discover new and interesting things from across the Web. More than 30 million people turn to StumbleUpon to be informed, entertained and surprised by web pages recommended just for them.

Key stats: 

  • Over 1 billion pages consumed per month
  • Over 6 hours time spent per month per user
  • Average session length over 90 minutes

More than 100,000 brands, publishers, and marketers use StumbleUpon's Global Advertising Platform to tell their stories and promote their products and services. Serving over 125,000,000 advertising executions per month makes StumbleUpon one of the largest open native ad networks in the world.

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About Twitch

Twitch is the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers. More than 38 million gamers gather every month on Twitch to broadcast, watch, and chat about gaming. Twitch’s video platform is the backbone of both live and on-demand distribution for leading video game broadcasters including casual gamers, pro players, tournaments, leagues, developers, and gaming media organizations. Twitch is leading a revolution in the gaming community, working to create a participatory experience that transcends gameplay. Learn more at

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Vertical Search Works

About Vertical Search Works

Vertical Search Works (VSW) is a search technology company which leverages its proprietary products to deliver more valuable results for advertisers, publishers, and consumers across targeted vertical industries. Powered by patented semantic technology, VSW’s products leverage semantics to build stronger connections between user intent and content consumption. VSW is able to create better connections between words and their meanings which provides a more relevant experience for consumers and enhanced monetization opportunities for publishers and advertisers. VSW has seen great success in vertical search and digital advertising, in partnerships with global brands such as Meredith Corporation and Source Interlink.

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About Yahoo

Yahoo is focused on making the world’s daily habits inspiring and entertaining. By creating highly personalized experiences for our users, we keep people connected to what matters most to them, across devices and around the world. In turn, we create value for advertisers by connecting them with the audiences that build their businesses. Yahoo is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, and has offices located throughout the Americas, Asia Pacific (APAC) and the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) regions. For more information, visit the pressroom ( or the Company’s blog (

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About YuMe

YuMe is a leading provider of digital video brand advertising solutions. Its proprietary data-science driven technologies and large audience footprint drive inventory monetization and enable advertisers to reach targeted, brand receptive audiences across a wide range of internet-connected devices. Designed to serve the specific needs of brand advertising, YuMe’s technology platform simplifies the complexities associated with delivering effective digital video advertising campaigns in today’s highly-fragmented market.

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Advertising Age

About Advertising Age

Advertising Age ( is a multi-platform media brand delivering news and intelligence to the advertising, marketing and media industries, as well as targeted strategies for brand building and messaging in today’s complex business world. From the digital community to the entertainment industries, from the Hispanic market to the global stage itself, agencies, media, and marketers all turn to Ad Age print, digital, and special event brands for the insights and analysis they need to succeed.

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About Adweek

With $1.3 trillion in annual spending and rising, the global media industry is more influential than ever. At the center of this dynamic and ever-evolving industry is Adweek – The Voice of Media. Adweek covers all the aspects of the modern communications business—from advertising, media buying, and brand building to content, social networks, and digital strategies—with its weekly magazine and cutting-edge web destination.

Exclusive Production Company

Wizard Studios

About Wizard Studios

Wizard Studios is the preferred event production company of the IAB.

Printing Partner


About Publicide

Publicide is a printing, letterpress, and design company in SOHO, New York. We specialize in quality stationery, custom invitations, and business cards.