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The digital marketplace itself is overflowing with opportunities—and choices. The MIXX Expo helps you cut through the clutter by meeting with experts in the space to see who’s changing the game, and determine which options are best for your business.


About Acxiom

Acxiom is an enterprise data, analytics, and software as a service company that uniquely fuses trust, experience, and scale to fuel data-driven results. For over 40 years, Acxiom has been an innovator in harnessing the most important sources and uses of data to strengthen connections between people, businesses, and their partners. Utilizing a channel and media neutral approach, we leverage cutting-edge, data-oriented products and services to maximize customer value. Every week Acxiom powers more than a trillion transactions that enable better living for people and better results for our 7,000+ global clients.


About Essential Costa Rica/CINDE

Central Gate is your strategic bridge with outsourcing vendors in Costa Rica. The Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency, CINDE, leads this innovative community that reunites 30 top local and multinational companies servicing over 100 clients and offering A to Z business solutions in creative development, marketing strategies, advertising, software design and back office.

The Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE) is a private, apolitical and non-profit organization that promotes Costa Rica as a competitive hub for high added value operations through Foreign Direct Investment.

Visit us in the IAB MIXX Lounge to learn more!


About Evidon

Evidon technology gives businesses around the world unique insight into the digital ecosystem, including unparalleled intelligence on the marketing technologies that underpin the commercial web and the power to control their impact on business. Our technology includes Ghostery, the industry-leading browser tool that reports on data collection across 26 million websites and informs our company's business control solutions. We also provide market-leading privacy controls for more than $2 billion of display media annually that empower more than 150 million people daily to control how their information is used online. Companies make smarter decisions, protect their businesses and consumer privacy, and grow revenue as a result.


About Innovid

Innovid delivers immersive advertising anywhere. Founded in 2007, Innovid provides visionary marketers with the tools to create, deliver and measure video campaigns, in any format, on any screen, publisher or ad network. Innovid's Ad Server was developed to address the issues specific to video ad serving and simplify the process for agencies and marketers. Bringing a new dimension to online video, Innovid's iRoll reimagines the possibilities for interactive engagement across multiple screens. For more information, visit www.innovid.com.


About Microsoft

Microsoft helps consumers connect with brands through experiences that enhance their digital lives. Microsoft does this by providing advertisers, publishers, and developers with cross-platform opportunities to create meaningful and profitable customer engagement across the Microsoft devices and services people love, including Windows 8 apps, Windows Phone, Xbox, Skype, Bing, and MSN. Microsoft also offers advertisers a media network that reaches hundreds of millions of consumers around the world; and services and sales support technology that helps untangle the complexities of digital media to get more value from marketing and content investments. More information is available at microsoft.com.

Qualcomm Vuforia

About Qualcomm Vuforia

The Qualcomm Vuforia platform enables mobile apps to see and deliver compelling, interactive experiences. It is used by brand owners, creative agencies, and developers to create unique, engaging, high fidelity experiences with 3D graphics, touch, video, and audio to bring movie magic to mobile devices. Vuforia has been adopted by leading global brands and has powered 4,500+ commercial apps. It is supported by a rapidly growing global ecosystem of 60,000+ developers in 130 countries.


About Tapjoy

Tapjoy is a mobile advertising and monetization platform that empowers users on more than 1 billion devices to watch videos, subscribe to services, install applications, and participate in other types of advertisements in exchange for premium content in their favorite apps.


About WebMD

WebMD Health (Nasdaq: WBMD) is the leading provider of health information services, serving consumers, physicians, healthcare professionals, employers, and health plans through our public and private online portals and health-focused publications. WebMD is the leader in providing personalized, multimedia, interactive, educational experiences based on an individual’s needs and preferences. The WebMD Health Network includes WebMD Health, Medscape, MedicineNet, eMedicine, eMedicine Health, RxList, theHeart.org, and drugs.com.


About YP

YP is a leading local marketing solutions provider in the U.S. dedicated to helping local businesses and communities grow. YP’s flagship consumer brands include the popular YPSM app and YP.com, which are used by more than 80 million visitors each month in the U.S. (Internal Data, September 2014). YP solutions include online presence, local search, display advertising and direct marketing. YP solutions and services are backed by thousands of media consultants and customer service professionals in local markets across the U.S. with relationships spanning more than half a million advertisers. For more information on YP, visit us at http://corporate.yp.com.