Kevin Spacey and Katie Couric to keynote the
IAB MIXX Conference 2014,
September 29-30, in New York City.

Secure your seat to hear two innovators talk about how they are leveraging digital media to elevate their craft at the 2014 IAB MIXX Conference.


You may be able to deliver an impression, but can you make one?

It’s time to shift emphasis from the transactional to the inspiring. To resurface the immutable principles of great art that touches hearts and minds—that moves people.

Whether oil on canvas, print on glossy paper, or bits delivered on screens the size of a Times Square billboard or in the palm of your hand....

Whether sight, sound and motion, great interactivity or simply elegant imagery...

Whether transacted by man or machines...

Ultimately what matters is creating connections. Great advertising must be about changing minds, attitudes, compelling people to act.

Pipes, channels, distribution methods and technology are all incredibly important and have seen great advances in the digital age. But the guiding principles of great art that—that moves people—have remained the same.

Join leaders from across the marketing and media ecosystem to explore how brands, creatives, content creators, consumers and everyone in the value chain can, and must, partner to bring about a Renaissance in the digital age.

We’re all artists now. What will you create?

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