The IAB Long Tail Alliance is open to any publisher that sells indirectly, through a network, or directly, and has revenues under $1 million per year and fewer than five employees.

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Terms & Conditions

The following shall constitute the full agreement (“Agreement”) between the company named below (“Company”) and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (“IAB”) for IAB Membership. Membership is conditional; subject to approval by the IAB Board of Directors. Upon receipt by the IAB of this form, Company shall be eligible to begin participation in and will receive notice of upcoming IAB initiatives, research studies, events and conferences.

Non-discounted annual dues for Long Tail Alliance members are $250. To qualify for this class of membership, Company must attest that 2008 net interactive revenue was less than $1 million and that fewer than 5 full-time workers are employed. The IAB Membership Committee will review applications to determine eligibility. Should Company’s application be rejected for any reason, dues payment will be refunded. IAB reserves the right to request documentation to verify eligibility criteria; if Company does not provide documentation, request for membership will be denied and payment will be refunded.

Membership is on a rolling annual basis and will automatically renew. To cancel your membership, you must provide thirty (30) days notice in writing. In the event of membership cancellation by Company, or suspension or termination of membership, dues shall be non-refundable, in whole or in part.

By becoming a member of the IAB, Company expressly consents and agrees that all rights in intellectual property created or modified, in whole or in part, by a member Company’s representative to the IAB while engaged in IAB activities shall be owned solely by the IAB. The member company hereby assigns all right, title and interest all such intellectual property to the IAB, and agrees to take all responsible measures, at the IAB’s expense, to perfect such rights in the IAB.

Company agrees to remit payment in full.

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If you have any questions, please contact the Long Tail Alliance at [email protected].