Marketing, Advertising and Communication Liability Insurance


Including but not limited to:

Advertising agencies
Direct marketing companies
Sales promotion companies
Public relations companies
"New media" agencies
Media buyers/media independents


The key areas of coverage are:

Intellectual property infringement
Negligence in media content
Unfair competition in conjunction with IP
Breach of confidentiality
Invasion of privacy
Breach of the scope of a license
Breach of a comparative advertising statute
Negligent transmission of malicious code

Optional coverage

Our policy can also include coverage for:

Bodily injury/property damage arising out of errors and omissions in content
Professional services
Technology activities
Enhanced privacy liability
Hacker Damage (1st party loss)

The Hiscox Media Policy

Incorporates these beneficial features

An occurrence form
An open perils form
Worldwide coverage
Affirmative cover for punitive damages (where permitted by law)
Defense costs for your own declaratory relief actions
Broad additional insured coverage
Broad definition of media activities
Broad definition of advertising
Coverage for content in any form e.g. podcast, blog or mobile phone message
Coverage for insureds advertising of their own products and services
Rectification costs agreed by us to mitigate potential claims with no co-insurance or sub-limit as standard
Automatic coverage for acquisitions up to 10% of insured’s revenues
A carve back for fraud or dishonesty where it has not yet been estableshed by a final adjudication
Severability as to broad members, executive officers, in-house counsel, or risk managers

Why Hiscox?

Because IAB offers

Flexible underwriting style
Fast turnaround on quotes
Simple,clear policy language
Experienced specialized media claims handling
Free hotline to legal counsel
Up to $10m capacity on primary and excess basis
Minimum premium $3,000
Minimum retention $5,000

About Hiscox

Hiscox is a specialist insurance group listed on the London Stock Exchange which has been in existence since 1901. Hiscox USA opened for business in March 2006 with offices located in Armonk, NY,Manhattan, and San Francisco. Lloyd’s ( A rated) paper, Syndicate 33 is used.