Agency Owners Insurance Program (“Office Package” – Property, Computers, and General Liability)

Why agencies participate …

1. Low Premium Cost - average savings in 25% range. Renewal increases average less that 10% and are most often in the 3-5% range.

2. Broad package of insurance coverage that includes the things that most often go wrong …
I. Broad named insured wording (automatic coverage for subsidiaries
& affiliates)
ii. Employee Benefit Liability - low cost form of "mistakes" insurance for agency benefit managers
iii. High liability limits - good for insuring risks of agency autos, special
events, client insurance requirements

3. Agencies have an insurance resource that is not available locally - that is, the insurance buyer deals with a firm that insures over 150 media industry members – ad agencies, PR firms, magazines and hundreds of special events. John Buttine Inc. is a specialist in insurance for media industry. Buttine’s experience in solving agency insurance problems and Travelers’ commitment to the ad agency business are two of the biggest advantages.

4. Newly formed agencies get an instant "insurance back office". We can set up the same insurance portfolio that a large agency has with an emphasis on placing insurance in force as it is needed - when the first requirement for ad agency liability arises, we get rapid response from the ad liability insurer.

5. We publish tips for insurance buyers - see attached memo on preventing theft of laptops and other property, see attached index to agency risk management manual.

6. Agency insurance buyers get to "cast a big shadow" with their insurer - that is, the agency is part of a large block of business. Every agency gets the benefit of Travelers’ commitment to the media business.

7. We help you manage risk. We assist you to get evidence of insurance from all contractors. i.e. promotion companies, photographers, special event and sweepstakes/promotion companies, etc. In other words, we will help you save your insurance limits to benefit you and your clients.