IAB Membership

Member Categories

  1. General members include publishers as well as companies or standalone divisions that take ownership of the ad inventory of other publishers, such as ad networks and representation firms.
  2. Marketers and agencies may join the association as Associate members; however, co-op ad sales units may join as a General member for that division only.
  3. A holding company may join as a General member only if a significant portion of the combined revenues of all companies held is based on the sale of interactive advertising inventory. Otherwise subsidiaries must apply to join separately as General members.
  4. Pre-revenue companies, whether they fall under associate or general membership, may be a Startup member of the IAB for one calendar year. At the end of that calendar year, membership will convert to General or Associate based on the company’s business classification.
  5. Associate members may include agencies, marketers, ad exchanges, technology and data providers, research/analytics, and service providers.
  6. Subsidiary members are any additional properties owned by a General member company that wish to roll their membership up under the general member. The General member company owning this relationship must include all applicable ad revenue from the designated subsidiary(ies) when reporting their collective ad revenue for dues calculations.
    • Subsidiary members must qualify as a General member by being either: a publisher, ad network, or representation firm. Agencies, marketers, service providers, and technology companies, including ad exchanges, do not qualify for Subsidiary membership and must join separately as Associate members
    • Subsidiary members receive the same rights and benefits as General members, except:
      • They may not vote in IAB Board of Directors elections
      • They may not hold a seat on the IAB Board of Directors

If you are unsure which category your company would fall under, please contact [email protected].

Membership Dues
(rate card pricing is updated annually)

All dues are for a calendar year of membership with new memberships prorated on a quarterly basis. Members that join after April 1st in a year pay 75% of their calculated annual dues. Members who join after July 1st pay 50% of their calculated annual dues. Members who join after October 1st pay 25% of their calculated annual dues. Dues are not subject to negotiation and may not be included in any form of barter arrangement.

Associate Membership Dues

Dues for Associate members are $7,000 for a full calendar year.

General Membership Dues

Dues for new General members are a percentage of total U.S. domestic interactive advertising revenue for that member and its designated subsidiaries (see Subsidiary members, above) for a 2-year trailing calendar year (including any interactive advertising revenues paid to the company from other content partners minus any fees paid to content partners, as well as all revenue associated with the support of interactive advertising). No other costs may be subtracted from the total revenue figure for the purpose of the calculation of net revenues, including but not limited to taxes, staff costs, expenses, or customer/audience acquisition costs.

Example: An advertising network that sells $4M worth of ads for a site, but pays the site publisher $2M, would only count the remaining $2M of its revenues for the purposes of IAB dues calculations. The publisher, should they join, would be responsible for the $2M they receive from the network’s ad sales as well as any direct sales they make for the calculation of their own revenues.

General members must report their previous calendar year’s revenues to the IAB by August 15th of each year, in order to facilitate billing of the following year’s dues.

Minimum IAB dues for General members shall be $5k if your (rounded) revenue is under $4 million. Annual dues will be capped at $500,000.

All revenue is rounded to the nearest million before any calculations are applied

Membership Dues Amounts for 2014

2012 Annual Domestic Interactive Advertising Revenue
(rounded to the nearest $1 million)
Additional Increments
(per $1 million rounded revenue)
Membership Dues
(subtotal per tier)
$0 - 3 million - $5,000
$4 - 7 million - $10,000
$8 - 9 million $1,054 $11,054-$12,108
$10 - 34 million $702 $12,810 - $29,658
$35 - 74 million $570 $30,228 - $52,458
$75 - 199 million $372 $52,830 - $98,958
$200 - 499 million $286 $99,244 - $184,758
$500 - 999 million $220 $184,978 - $294,758
$1 billion+ $175 $294,933+

Dues are cumulative from level to level once ad revenue is greater than $4 million.


Example: a company with $40,788,000 in interactive ad sales revenues would pay $33,648 in dues with the following breakdown:

$40,788,000 is first rounded to the nearest $1M = $41M

Ad Revenue increment Price per $1M Dues Line Total
7M flat rate 10,000
2M 1,054 2,108
25M 702 17,550
7M 570 3,990
TOTAL:      41M   33,648


Other Considerations

  1. If an acquired company or division was not a part of the member company two years previously, its own interactive ad revenues from two years prior do still count towards the dues calculation, as that company/division does get benefit from the IAB today.
  2. If a company or division has been divested, but was still a part of the member company two years previously, its own interactive ad revenues from two years prior are removed from the total for the purpose of dues calculation.