Making Measurement Make Sense: IAB, ANA and 4A's Announce the Guiding Principles of Digital Measurement

The IAB, ANA, and 4A’s announced the release of the Guiding Principles of Digital Measurement. These five principles are the foundation of Making Measurement Make Sense, an ecosystem-wide initiative in digital and across platforms.

Making Measurement Make Sense has three primary objectives:

  • Define transparent, standardized, and consistent metrics and measurement systems to simplify the planning, buying, and selling of digital media in a cross-platform world
  • Drive industry consensus around the solutions
  • Establish a measurement governance model to support ongoing standards development, ensure compliance, and manage change in a rapidly evolving media climate

To identify priorities, develop measurement solutions, and build industry consensus, Making Measurement Make Sense has assembled a group of 40 thought leaders and decision makers to actively contribute to the initiative.  The five principles are built upon the input and consensus garnered from workshops with teams of functional experts and business leaders representing companies across the ecosystem.

The Five Guiding Principles of Digital Measurement:

  • Principle #1 – Move to a “viewable impressions” standard and count real exposures online.
  • Principle #2 – Online advertising must migrate to a currency based on audience impressions, not gross ad impressions.
  • Principle #3 – Because all ad units are not created equal, we must create a transparent classification system.
  • Principle #4 – Determine interactivity “metrics that matter” for brand marketers, so that marketers can better evaluate online’s contribution to brand building.
  • Principle #5 – Digital media measurement must become increasingly comparable and integrated with other media.