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Q4 2014 Consumer Sharing Trends Report January, 2015

This is the 6th installment of Sharethis Consumer Sharing Trends Report. This quarter they released findings from both Q4/2014 and 2014 overall.


Moving Beyond Marketing: Generating Social Business Value Across the Enterprise July, 2014
MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte

This report is based on a survey conducted in Fall, 2013 among 4,803 business executives, managers and analysts across 109 countries and 26 industries, with organizations of a broad range of sizes.  Respondents were asked to rate the maturity of their organization’s social business practice.  The report highlights how social business maturity has deep roots and that social business maturity translates into value.  The report highlights difference for B2C and B2B, key metrics used to demonstrate the value of social business programs, the importance of collaboration and information sharing across the enterprise, the integration of social data into the operational process, the powerful relationship between visible senior leadership support and social business maturity.  The report then describes how companies are “moving beyond marketing” to use social business to improve marketing, innovation, leadership and operations.


The State of Social Media Advertising, And Where It’s Headed May, 2013
Business Insider

This report from BI Intelligence analyzes the state of social media advertising and where it is headed.  The report sources research from comScore, Nielsen, Experian, TBG Digital and BIA/Kelsey to provide an overview  of time spent on social by device, share of online ad budgets spent on social, a forecast of US social spend by device, a deeper look into Facebook Ad spend/performance by click-through rate and some early figures on US social ad forecast by ad format (native vs. display.)  The report ends with three main take-aways.


2012 Online Video Presidential Ads Report November, 2012
Visible Measures

The online video campaign for the 2012 presidential cycle has been just as fierce as the TV and ground battles. There are numerous players involved on both sides driving viewership. Online video offers more flexibility than television for the campaigns to attack and respond to real-time events. Television ads, long-form documentaries, quick responses to attack ads and campaign gaffes, intimate looks at the candidates with their families, behind-the-scenes features, mashups, spoofs, and more are published online. There has never been so much video content for an electorate to consume. Instead of ads interrupting voters while they’re watching TV, or being skipped over with the help of DVRs, voters are actually choosing to watch presidential ads and content in online video.


Q2 2012 Social Video Advertising Report April, 2012
Visible Measures

People chose to watch advertisements nearly 900 million times in Q2 2012. This marks an increase of over 45% from Q2 2011, and a jump of almost 75% from Q2 2010. In fact, Q2 2012 is the second largest quarter in social video advertising history, coming in behind Q1 2012, which was inherently larger due to the surplus of campaigns for the Super Bowl. In this quarterly report, Visible Measures takes a look at the most-watched campaigns, brands, creative agencies, and industries in social video.


Q1 2012 Social Video Advertising Report January, 2012
Visible Measures

Audiences chose to watch advertisements over 1.3 billion times in Q1 2012, making it the biggest social video quarter in history. The recordbreaking view count of 1.3 billion marks an increase of over 40% compared to Q1 2011, and a massive 225% jump compared to Q1 2010. Historically, Q1 produces big numbers because of the Super Bowl, but the significant increase in views this quarter compared to previous years illustrates just how fast the social video industry is growing.


The Psychology of Sharing: Why Do People Share Online? October, 2011
The New York Times

Despite a profusion of articles and information surrounding social media and content sharing, the basic question of why people share content online has slipped by largely unanswered. This study, a comprehensive, three-phase research initiative undertaken by The New York Times, is the first to analyze the consumer motivations underlying online content sharing. In addition to identifying the five primary motivations for sharing, our segmentation analysis differentiates between sharing consumers and identifies the six primary personality types of online sharers.


SocialCode Unveils Facebook Advertising Research August, 2011

SocialCode, a full-service Facebook agency working with top global brands and agencies to translate their marketing goals on to Facebook, announces results from a new Facebook advertising research study.


Sharing: More Than Just Fans, Friends and Followers June, 2011

Sharing behavior—what people share and what they click on—reveals what is relevant to them at that moment. Marketers should consider sharing to be a sign of “inmarketness” and a prime audience for advertising. People are most likely to be sharing and clicking while brand consideration is still forming so sharing offers the relevance of search and remarketing, but at scale. Read more on this study from IAB member, ShareThis.


The Truth About Youth May, 2011
McCann Worldgroup

What motivates young people around the world today? Money? Fame? Justice? What makes them different from every generation that has come before? McCann Worldgroup asked 7000 young people around the world. In a world awash with information and misinformation, check out their TRUTHS.

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