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Maximizing Brand Engagement Time with Interactive Pre-­rolls January, 2012

Jivox was the first company to provide BrandGage, a set of analytics that allows a detailed view into interactions as well as insight into user intent and purchase funnel stage.


The Rich and The Powerful January, 2012

Rich media ads boost advertiser site visits nearly three-fold compared to standard banners. A newly released MediaMind analysis looks at how rich media and standard banners affect site visits.


Q1 2012 Social Video Advertising Report January, 2012
Visible Measures

Audiences chose to watch advertisements over 1.3 billion times in Q1 2012, making it the biggest social video quarter in history. The recordbreaking view count of 1.3 billion marks an increase of over 40% compared to Q1 2011, and a massive 225% jump compared to Q1 2010. Historically, Q1 produces big numbers because of the Super Bowl, but the significant increase in views this quarter compared to previous years illustrates just how fast the social video industry is growing.


Discovery Research: Digital Perceptions Study January, 2012

Over one thousand Discovery Viewers were surveyed about their media habits and thoughts concerning advertising in the digital age. The study sought to explore how adoption and usage of new devices and platforms is impacting consumers’ relationship with content and acceptance of advertising.


Mobile Millennials January, 2012

Mobile barcodes have gone from niche engagement tool to center-stage digital marketing vehicle, breathing life into traditional and digital marketing media by allowing brands to instantly engage with their target audience. Adding a mobile barcode to a static print advertisement, or on package or at shelf creates a new interactive opportunity for the brand owner or retailer to engage their target audience wherever they are.


Mobile-Local Performance Stats January, 2012

Just one year after declaring the “year of mobile”, the industry continues to accelerate at an exciting rate as brands and SMBs learn the value of mobile advertising. Leading the charge in mobile’s continued growth is the value found in local-mobile targeting. From big brands to local businesses, mobile-local is making its way into advertising budgets in a big way. A recent BIA/Kelsey forecast places local-mobile at just under 50% of total mobile ad spend, but by 2016 mobile-local will make the leap to capture nearly two-thirds of this spend.


The Role of Digital Audio in the Evolution of Music Discovery December, 2011

The internet and a wide variety of fast-growing digital audio services are catalysts for individuals to both seek and discover new music on their own as well as to share their tastes with friends…and even strangers. Playlists have replaced mixed tapes, serving almost the same purpose—expressing our sentiments, and defining our individual musical style. The internet has widened the path for individuals to explore new sources of musical enjoyment and made it easy for others to be a part of that discovery process.


Yahoo!’s 2011 Insights Wrap-Up and 2012 Outlook December, 2011

To stay competitive in today’s evolving digital landscape, advertisers need the latest trends, research and best practices. That’s why Yahoo! created this new e-magazine that features their most popular research insights from 2011, as well as a sneak peek at 2012.


Always On Women: A Survey of How Women Are Using Technology Today November, 2011
AdAge sponsored by Meredith in collaboration with JWT

So many women are using digital and mobile tools it’s hard to target all of them. Here’s a look at the mobile warriors as well as the more casual utalitarian users.


Digital Omnivores: How Tablets, Smartphones and Connected Devices are Changing U.S. Digital Media Consumption Habits October, 2011

Today’s digital media environment is rapidly evolving, driven by the proliferation of devices people use to consume content both at home, at work and on the go. Not too long ago, consumers depended solely on their desktop computer or laptop to connect online. Now, a growing number of consumers are likely to access a wide variety of digital content across a multitude of devices on a daily basis. With smartphones, tablets and other connected devices, consumers have become digital omnivores – not just because of the media they consume, but also in how they consume it. Cross-platform consumption has created a vastly different digital landscape, and it is one that requires insight into both the individual usage of devices as well as the nature of their complementary use.


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