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FreeWheel Video Monetization Report, Q3 2014 November, 2014

The FreeWheel Video Monetization Report is released quarterly and seeks to highlight the changing dynamics of how enterprise-class content owners and distributors are monetizing professional digital video content.


Programmatic Pulse November, 2014
Chango + Brand Innovators

Prognosticators, from Forrester to Business Insider, agree that we are on the cusp of an explosion in demand for programmatic advertising in digital ad sales. Challenges and opportunities lie ahead as programmatic advertising soars.


Combating Fraud In Online Advertising November, 2014
Integral Ad Science

As the Web continues to evolve, automated activity by software programs, colloquially referred to as “bots,” finds even greater application. This paper presents the authors' view on the current state of the arts methods of combating non-human traffic in online advertising.


Solving Marketers’ Cross-Channel Digital Conundrum October, 2014

Marketers have a cross-channel digital conundrum because the consumers they want to connect with
distribute their attention across devices and channels. They use the regular web, the mobile web, and
mobile apps. Anywhere they can engage with social media and digital video, they do. Plus, for many
marketers, the same consumers they’re connecting with online and in-app, they’re also connecting with
through email, marketing automation and customer service.


NFL Mobile Survey Overview October, 2014

RadiumOne Connect sought to provide insights about consumers’ mobile usage and trends for NFL content as it pertains to advertisers, agencies, and publishers.


Moving Beyond Marketing: Generating Social Business Value Across the Enterprise July, 2014
MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte

This report is based on a survey conducted in Fall, 2013 among 4,803 business executives, managers and analysts across 109 countries and 26 industries, with organizations of a broad range of sizes.  Respondents were asked to rate the maturity of their organization’s social business practice.  The report highlights how social business maturity has deep roots and that social business maturity translates into value.  The report highlights difference for B2C and B2B, key metrics used to demonstrate the value of social business programs, the importance of collaboration and information sharing across the enterprise, the integration of social data into the operational process, the powerful relationship between visible senior leadership support and social business maturity.  The report then describes how companies are “moving beyond marketing” to use social business to improve marketing, innovation, leadership and operations.


Consumer Sharing Trends Report Q2 2014 July, 2014

This report by ShareThis analyzes consumer sharing behavior from April to June across the entire ShareThis network



Emotional Connections Attract Digital Marketers' Branding Dollars June, 2014
MediaBrix and Millward Brown

MediaBrix and Millward Brown Digital polled 300 digital marketing decision makers at Fortune 5000 companies and leading advertising agencies in the United States. Key findings indiciate that digital marketing decision makers allocate their budgets fairly evenly across digital advertising formats. Read the full report.



A Nourished Life: Healthy Living, Trends, Attitudes and Behaviors June, 2014

POPSUGAR original research studies on healthy living. They also launched an insights platform dedicated to helping marketers better understand female consumers.


Site, Sound and Emotion: 2014 Lifestyle Video Study June, 2014

POPSUGAR original research study on women's emotional connection to lifestyle video content, conducted in partnership with and Ipsos OTX.



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