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Tips for Building a Successful Marketing Approach to the Multicultural B2B Segment - a PM3 - NAPA Auto Parts Case Study July, 2015

Not only are multicultural business owners becoming a larger part of the B2B market, but Hispanic owned businesses represent the largest multicultural B2B segment and the fastest growing ethnic B2B segment.


2015 Bad Bot Landscape Report May, 2015
Distil Networks

Whitepages Case Study: The importance of Policies, Data and Disclosures

Many of the current technologies used to detect fraud are great at detecting the amount of fraud, using data collected from the campaigns. We call this post-bid analysis. We need more technologies and techniques that focus on the pre-bid data in order to stop the fraud before it happens. Having continuous, real-time data is important for this; but equally important are the policies of the publishers and the ad networks and the levels of disclosure they offer. These parameters mean the bad guys will self-select out -- because they would never provide full disclosure of their data.


FreeWheel Video Monetization Report, Q1 2015 May, 2015

FreeWheel’s platform for video ad management and monetization helps the largest players in the premium video industry generate revenue from their ad-supported content on desktop, mobile, OTT, and traditional set-top box devices. The dataset used for this report is one of the largest available on the usage and monetization of premium, rights managed video content, and comprised of over 125 billion video views in 2014.


POPSUGAR Insights - The Evocative Web (Q1 2015) April, 2015

We teamed again with Ipsos OTX to study the impact the rise of the visual web has had on women in the U.S. The study focuses on the the relationship between female consumers, publishers and brand marketers and reveals the emotional benefits of utilizing high quality visual imagery.


POPSUGAR Insights - Find Your Happy (Q1 2015) April, 2015

We partnered with Ipsos OTX on a new, multi-generational, research study to measure happiness. The study explores how happy women currently are, what happiness means to her, the areas of her life where she is happy and unhappy and why digital content and technology play an important role in helping her improve her life and find her happy.


OOYALA: Q4 Global Video Index Report March, 2015

OOYALA powers online video for more than 1,000 customers and reach viewers in every corner of the world, from Argentina to Zimbabwe. This report reveals insight into video views on PCs, smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.


Innovid Interactive Video Benchmarks March, 2015

Innovid analyzed thousands of interactive and pre-roll video campaigns, over billions of impressions, from 2014 to set this year’s performance expectations. These metrics will help you understand how various ad formats, publisher placements and ad lengths perform with respect to time earned, activity rate, engagement rate, completion rate, and much more. This report also introduces new benchmarks for cross-device campaigns.


ShareThis Finance Study March, 2015

Every month 32 million users generate 68 million social actions related to finance. Read the report to find out more. 


´┐╝Quick Guide To Youtube, Facebook Video & Vine February, 2015

Tubular constantly analyzes the most cutting-edge video trends. With the rise of Facebook Video and Vine, they sought to compare the two emerging platforms to YouTube and provide you with content and distribution recommendations. 


FreeWheel Video Monetization Report, Q4 2014 February, 2015

The FreeWheel Video Monetization Report is released quarterly and seeks to highlight the changing dynamics of how enterprise-class content owners and distributors are monetizing professional digital video content.


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