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2015 Bad Bot Landscape Report May, 2015
Distil Networks

Whitepages Case Study: The importance of Policies, Data and Disclosures

Many of the current technologies used to detect fraud are great at detecting the amount of fraud, using data collected from the campaigns. We call this post-bid analysis. We need more technologies and techniques that focus on the pre-bid data in order to stop the fraud before it happens. Having continuous, real-time data is important for this; but equally important are the policies of the publishers and the ad networks and the levels of disclosure they offer. These parameters mean the bad guys will self-select out -- because they would never provide full disclosure of their data.


Cost-Effectively Reaching the In-Market Auto Buyer April, 2008
ValueClick Media

“The purpose of this study, conducted by Valueclick Media and interactive agency Goodway 2.0, was to evaluate networks as an alternative to advertising on automotive information sites. Moreover, the study sought to prove the most effective way to utilize networks, namely that running on a large number of sites and allowing optimization technology to determine those which are most effective will yield higher performance than presupposing what sites or channels will generate an advertiser's intended results.”


Online Ad Networks: Monetizing the Long Tail March, 2008

“Online advertising networks have emerged as a central vehicle for monetizing the Long Tail of the Internet. By aggregating traffic that was previously too difficult to buy or which was otherwise undesirable, ad networks provide small and mid-sized online publishers with significantly more advertising revenues than would otherwise be possible. And by finding ways to make this inventory more palatable to more advertisers, ad networks are positioned to grow faster than the broader market.”


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