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September 2010 Internet Audience Trend Report: Top Sites, Selected Demographics, and World Cup Impact

These reports—available exclusively to IAB members—highlight useful and interesting aspects of online audience measurement data. We review key elements of the online audience data, discuss major trends, examine key demographic or behavioral segments, and examine the impact of real-world events on online audiences.

This report summarizes some key findings from the Internet audience data for June and July 2010.


  • The top ten Web properties according to comScore Media Metrix and Nielsen Online
  • Highlights of usage patterns for online users ages 18-24, by gender, and for high income consumers.
  • Online audience impact of the World Cup

Key Findings:

  • There were somewhere in the vicinity of 200 million Americans online in July of 2010.
  • comScore and Nielsen Online come up with similar, but somewhat different, audiences and rankings for the largest Web properties.
  • Younger adult online users are found in the largest numbers at the same online entities that everyone else goes to; however, the properties with the highest concentrations of younger males and females reflect those groups’ very different interests and priorities.
  • High income Internet users flock to sites related to travel, financial services, and event planning.
  • The 2010 World Cup had a slight impact on audiences to sports sites overall, but a significant impact on a few specific sites that were major sources of information about the games. FIFA.com was, in July, a top-10 US sports site.

Overall Usage Snapshot

Based on comScore and Nielsen Online data, there were about 200 million unique users in the US online audience in July 2010.  Depending on which data source one uses, online consumers spent an average of 30.5 (comScore) or 23 hours (Nielsen) online during the month.  See the table below.

Internet Audience Stats, July 2010 ComScore Nielsen Online
Unique Users 213,584,000 190,492,000
Total Time Online (minutes) 390,435,000,000 261,322,168,000
Average Time Per Person Per Month 1,828 minutes 22 hours, 52 minutes


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